For the love of coffee.

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Coffee, Food
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Some people have an uncomplicated relationship to coffee… they drink it because it does what it says on the box and gets them through the day. Period. My relationship with coffee started later in my life than most of my friends. I was never one of those student that used coffee to get through a night of studying or to recover from a heavy drinking session the night before. I just didn’t like it and couldn’t understand why anyone drank it. For me it started when I took my first steps in my first real full-time employment. There it was…waiting for me. Trying to fit in with the new colleagues, going for coffee and deciding if I will have a latte, cappuccino or espresso. Then I discovered something… that I absolutely love that first sip of a well-done latte. Now all the sudden it became very important to have a good latte, not just an average one, and there is nothing worse than getting a badly made coffee. The disappointment! I have found a few places where I can get the latte that I like but every once in a while you go somewhere inconspicuous and you get this, seemingly not very exciting, cup in your hand and then you take that first sip and you realize that this is just perfect. You hold your breath, taste the coffee and a feeling of total contentment spreads through your entire body and you just smile and think to yourself… this is pure bliss.

Mmmmm… this is a good start of the day.

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