Guiding light

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Life, Life changes
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Do you have a guiding light in your life? A lodestone that guides you through your journey of life? The one thing that guides you back when you have strayed of your path? Is this something that can be defined?

Some would say that it is their belief and faith in God (read: in any religion applicable) that guides them and shelters them through life. Others would say that the lodestone in their life is a person, a loved one or a person they look up to. Others again are unable to define the light in their life or have not found it yet.

Have you ever had the feeling that everything will be OK even though things looks very bleak? That no matter what lives throws at you, you will get through it and stand on the top of the mountain. Even in the darkest moments there is a glimmer of light, of love and of hope. It may not always be possible to see and it may be unbearable to believe but it is there if you look, if you let yourself believe.

Can I define my guiding light? No, but I know it is there. My lodestone points me in the right direction more often than not. Many times have I strayed on my journey through life so far but something always guides me back and in the end there is always light.


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