PMS madness

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Rant
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So once again I have gone through that period in my life when I should wear a warning sign around my neck stating “Keep your distance – volatile creature approaches”. What is it with these hormonal changes that women have to go through every month? The most annoying thing is that it isn’t even predictable each month… oh no, it has to change each sometimes I am a semi-normal women and other months I should stay as far away from other humans as possible. Well, this month has been one of those “scary” months. Mood swings galore… one word, one change of tone could pull me from nice and normal to evil and explosive. The basic buffer of patience and tolerance has been stripped bare. Combined with headaches, fatigue and feeling like a whale really was not a good thing. If things are not bad enough, I also suffer from what I call the “Brigitte Bardot syndrome” (well-endowed actress from the sixties) meaning that my breast swell up. And no…it’s not something good… its sore, nothing fits properly and it bugs me. Sigh.

I have managed another month and my loved ones have survived once again. Am slowly staring to feel normal again and once again I feel lucky that my friends and family have overlooked most of my antics.

Rant over. Here’s to normality. 🙂

  1. Anders says:

    I’ll drink to that!

  2. Daisy says:

    Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa…..wait a few years and it will change…into the most sweaty time of your life.

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