Posted: June 12, 2010 in Cats, Pets
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So the thing is that I really like animals. Preferably furry ones…. not a big fan of snakes and definitely not spiders (shudder!) even though some spiders can be furry…(even bigger shudder!). No, four-legged mammals are more my thing, cats, dogs, horses etc. I also really like larger wild animals like the big cats but a tiger might be a problem in the neighborhood. At the moment I have not one but two cats and no, this does not mean that I am a crazy cat-lady. At least I hope not.

I am lucky enough to have two affectionate cats and yes, they totally know how to get their way…most times. They have me in hysterics most days with their antics. Watching them play and chase each other around the place always brings a smile to my face. A cat taking a nap is the ultimate definition of relaxation. They really know how to chill out. One of my cats is a sun worshiper and the minute the sun is out he plants himself in a sunny spot and doesn’t move for hours. Every morning and evening they greet me enthusiastically and yes I know…they are just sucking up to me big time so that I feed them asap. They are not lap cats but decide themselves when they want affection from us mere humans. Both of them love a good cuddle though and will happily lie beside me and purr for ages.

I find cats very amusing. Some are aloof, others are extremely affectionate and each have their own characteristics. Cats definitely have their own agenda, probably to rule the world or something similarly grand. They know that we (humans) are suckers to innocent seeming head butts and rubs around the legs, not to mention the most effective weapon… a paw against the cheek. We are their servants. I do believe that we get the best deal here though as my life would definitely be all that much poorer without those furry creatures in my life.

Time for a cat nap now I think.


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