Moaning session

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Food, Life, Rant
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Right, here I am sitting in front of my laptop when I really should be down at the gym spending time on a treadmill but somehow I can’t make myself today. It looks like today will turn into one of those lazy days where neither my mind or body will fully wake up all day.

The day started with me fully intending to go to the gym but somehow I managed to talk myself out of it. I am always equally amazed when I end up doing something entirely different from I have planned and it is caused by that little voice inside that really messes everything up. That voice is very, very stubborn and is definitely not looking out for my best interest, unless that entails sitting on my bum eating ice cream or other equally tempting snacks. That voice is also the main reason I refuse to diet anymore as all that has ever achieved is me gaining more weight. The minute I start a diet that voice overrides all and all the sudden everything except what I should eat is the most desirable food on this earth.

I have, after many years, started to overrule this annoying voice and realized that the only way to do this is to fool the bugger. By thinking about eating healthy but nice stuff and not over doing the whole diet thing I can still feel like normal. Mixing that with more exercise works. This will take longer and has its frustrating moments but hopefully it will do the trick. Two steps forward, one step back… am having a step back today.

At least I resisted the temptation to buy a tub of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream in the shop. I went for good oul grapes instead… yes, yes I know they are full of sugar and so fort but at least I can pretend to be somewhat healthy now that I am sitting at home instead.

So today I moan and tomorrow I will be back in the gym and as always, feel great ones I am in there.

  1. Ha! I have many of those ‘lazy days’… I’m not alone!

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