Posted: June 20, 2010 in Life, Life changes
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This lifespan of ours is too short. I mean, what is the average life expectancy today, maybe 80 years? It really isn’t that long. A lot can happen during those years but if you think about it, it is really an even shorter time span where we actually get to be out there doing our own stuff. As small children our experiences are pretty limited to whatever our families do and in old age then we are limited (but hopefully not stopped) by old age and all that entails. So that leaves us with a limited amount of time to do the things in life that we love.

There is so much out there, more to see, to do, to experience, to feel, to anticipate, to know. This does not mean that I want to climb every mountain, jump every cliff, swim in every ocean but I would like to experience all that is changing in the world. Not just on a personal level. Things that we humans in a normal lifespan cannot notice much of as our time on this earth is to short, just a blink in eternity.

I was always fascinated by history and science in school and for me it is when I look at all the things that have happened that I realize that there will be so much more that will happen that I most likely will not experience or at least see the end of. That is really frustrating for me.

I remember those animation in school, in geography, when they showed how the earth changed over millennia , like how Pangaea drifted apart and how the world slowly was colonized. This fascinated me and I always wanted to see more. What will happened next, will we go into space properly, travel the stars, what will develop on earth next? What will be the next superpower, who will be the next Picasso, will we evolve as a species and so forth.

Maybe this is just greedy and some would argue that we are allocated a certain amount of time on this earth and just to make the best of it. Well, I most certainly will try to do that but it will never make me stop wanting to know more and wishing I could see into the future, to see what will happen. As a species, humans are curious and this is a strong trait in me. I can just hope that someone will invent that time machine one day and let me have a go at it. In the mean time I will just have to make sure to use my time on this earth as best I can and to do the things I love. And stop reading the BBC Focus magazine too much.

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