Sambuca! Great idea….

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Rant
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Yay! Let’s have a shot of sambuca… its sooo nice and will be a great add-on to all those other drinks I have/will consume!

Right. Well it sounded like a very fine idea last night. It was a great shot, tasty and all that but maybe not the best combination. I am paying for that today….not too hung-over but very tired. Thank god beer didn’t come into the mixture.

It’s scary to think how much age can change your tolerance for alcohol. I can still drink a fair amount, provided I had something substantial to eat before, but the recovery time is so much longer these days. Maybe I am just out of practice and maybe that is a good thing as well. Either way it is much more fun drinking less often as I am actually enjoying a good party more than if I would go out all the time. And I do not have to drink to have fun…but at the same time…it is boring being the only sober person in a group of is fun for the first few hours…then it just becomes a pain. All in moderation I guess. As long as alcohol doesn’t rule your life and you hopefully know what you are doing then a good party can be one of life’s gemstones.

OK, I am rambling now and will stop this before it becomes even more horrid. Cheers!


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