Posted: July 10, 2010 in Life
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I always get very excited when it is time for holidays. I love the whole build up of it, when you have decided where to go, counting the days and checking out all from the weather report to what to bring with you. There is a certain buzz to going away. I even like airports… I don’t really care if it is full of people and the queues are long as long as I am on my way. I like getting there early so that I can browse the shops, have a latte, do some people watching and sit down and read a book if I want to before boarding the plane.

So here I am sitting now: bag packed, weather report checked, new clothes sorted, sunscreen remembered, nails painted, take away had… and now just a good film to chill out in-front off before heading to bed knowing that tomorrow I will be on my way. A whole week ahead of me. Bliss!

See you in a week!


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