A good sign

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Martial arts
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I just realised that it is definitively a good sign of dedication when I manage to drag myself up at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning just because I have to go to the club for a training session. Keep in mind that I barely have slept 6 hours and am feeling a bit delicate as I had a few drinks last nights, followed by an Iron Maiden concert (which was great fun), followed by some more drinks in the pub.

So I am getting more and more hooked on the whole Bujinkan thing… as trust me… I have never voluntarily risen at 8 am on a Saturday after a night out just for going for a training session. I am inherently lazy that way. So here I am sitting with my glass of Berocca next to me, my cats staring in amazement and all is quiet in the neighborhood.

This Bujinkan Taijutsu is getting under my skin. Every time I go to the club I enjoy myself. Though it is very frustrating at times, especially when you feel like you are going two steps forward then one backwards. When I am suddenly unable to do a technique that I previously thought I had down OK. It can be a struggle but at the same time it is a great feeling when it clicks and suddenly you get it. When I discovered that I could actually finally spin that Bo (Bo Fugata) it was a great feeling. It is not perfect in a long way but I don’t stand there like a total eejit anymore staring at the Bo and just not getting it.

Either way, I am off. Off to spin that Bo. Morning all.


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