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Posted: August 17, 2010 in Blogging, Rant
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So, I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time now. Sorry about that.

My excuse is that my daily routine (of everything) has been very topsy-turvy for a while now. I have flown twice within 4 weeks for family holidays/visits (good fun!!) and then squeezed in a few friends leaving do’s, concert visits and other summer activities (also good fun), catching a cold (not fun) and now I have two work trips in front of me within quite a short time of each other (not as fun) and a short weekend trip with the girls (great fun). I love summer but it definitely messes up all routine that I have. I get nothing done really – laundry basket is overflowing, stuff that need to be done in the apartment are not getting done (haven’t even changed the bloody battery of the kitchen clock which has been annoying me for weeks now…), going to the gym has happened extremely sporadically and updating the blog hasn’t been happening really. Now that I will go on a few business trips I fear that it will be November before I’ll get anything done.

As boring as it sounds (and is) I like my routine… it was a sad, sad day indeed when I finally had to admit it to myself that I like it and to some extent need it (see… I haven’t totally given in yet!). I spent a lot of my teenage years (and some years after) scoffing at people who promoted routine, thinking it was boring and that we should all be spontaneous and free etc etc. Oh, how I was fooling myself!

Routine is what enables me to do all those other things like freeing up time so that I can meet up with friends, going to the gym, getting things done in the apartment and whatever else I want to do. Routine streamlines my life and enables me to have some resemblance of order in my life. I can plan (yes, I know… I am also a planner of many things these days) and I suddenly have time to do all that stuff I want to do.

Mmmm so I guess that it will be some time before I’ll have some order back in my life again. Which is why I am spending my lunch hour in work updating this blog as I have no other time when I can squeeze blogging in at the moment. OK, lunch is over, time to print those e-tickets and make sure I have a hotel booked in the correct city. Sigh.

  1. mainlyvoid says:

    So, make it routine to update the blog and plan in some time for it. 🙂 You can still blog when you travel too. I know you can do it. Chin up sunshine, you sound depressed and stressed. Make it fun, not a chore. 🙂

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