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Posted: August 19, 2010 in Blogging
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I have thought on and off about what to blog about and how to find inspiration on what to write.  There are many days when I can’t come up with anything to write about and I just end up staring at my screen (this is a tendency that can cross-over to my work laptop at times as well… hrrmmmm…) or I just look at the notebook in front of me – yes, I am still old-fashioned enough to use pen and paper.

So instead of coming up with an awesome and a potentially Pulitzer winning post <insert raised eyebrows to emphasize sarcasm> I decided to try to write about finding inspiration.

It is harder to find at times that I thought was possible. Especially considering all the wacko thoughts and internal conversation that I have in my head constantly. One would think that I’d never run out of blog topics. I also have the most bizarre and vivid dreams all the time but I decided that I will not plague people with those potential stories. Don’t want to scare all away… not yet anyway.

So what can I do to find inspiration, to wake up that illusive muse – who only works overtime in the most inappropriate situations? Well… music seems to work most times. A lot depends on the type of music I am listening to in a given moment though – aggressive music can result in angry rants, too many love songs result in mushy posts (have to work on those I think) and so forth. Sometimes I realize that I already have a topic in my head – most often it is something that has been mulling around in my unconscious mind. I love it when inspiration strikes that way. The tricky bit is getting it out and on the screen.

Another weird thing is that at times I write being in a certain state of mind and if I read the post again in a different mood then the entire message can be interpreted differently. It is amazing how the mood of the reader can change an interpretation of a text. But I digress… finding inspiration, coaxing out topics, waking the muse – whatever term you choose – is not easy.

Music helps but can be quite inconsistent. Having a few drinks (a classic) doesn’t work for me – unless I am in the pub, alcohol will make me sleepy and then it is just adios and good night muse. Reading a good book can give loads of ideas but then I run the risk of dabbling with other people’s creations and that is a no-no. Maybe I should pay more attention when out and about which would be good if I’d remember to bring a notebook – damn, I knew I had to get a bigger handbag!

Right, so I back where I started. Any tips and ideas on how to find inspirations would be much appreciated. Until then I will just have to update my play-lists, get a new handbag and cajole my muse out of hiding with some chocolate or something. 🙂


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