Finding a scent

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Travel
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Miniature perfume dispensers

Image by williamcho via Flickr

I just came back from a business trip and while I was away I did my usual browsing at the duty-free shop on my way back home. I always enjoy that part and often make sure I have some time to spend in the shops. After getting the usual suspects (Linie Akvavit – the nice one , cigars for my other half and sweets for me and my work colleagues) I decided to once again go on the hunt for a new favourite perfume. I actually find it really hard to find a scent I thoroughly like and that I do not get bored with.

I have long used “Contradiction” from Calvin Klein and I have always loved it but now I must face reality and find a new one as it is getting increasingly more difficult to get hold of “Contradiction” – much to my despair.

I have tried many different fragrances and it is always the same story. I find one that I think is OK, and that doesn’t smell funny on me (as that has been known to happen), but then after a while I get bored with the perfume and I wont use it again.  Finding a scent that is both nice and continuously interesting is truly hard. I am sure that there are many out there that are very much more adept at describing a fragrance than I am so I will not start writing about hints of this or notes of that. The only way I can describe a scent (apart from when it is obvious what I am smelling) is how it makes me feel and act in a way. Does it make me want to inhale deeply whenever I get a whiff of it, does it stir my emotions, does it make me smile and so forth and very importantly: is it subtle enough not to choke the air out of others around me.

So after many sniffs of this and that I have now found a fragrance I am willing to try for a hopefully longer period. It is “Forever and Ever” by Dior. So far I am really enjoying this one. It is tantalizingly delicate and it makes me feel happy when I smell it and I can’t seem to get enough of it at the moment. It is a bit “floral” which isn’t normally what I go for very often but this one is lovely even though I am certain there are others who would totally disagree with me but then that is the beauty of scents, there is one out there for all of us.  So fingers crossed that I still like this perfume a few months down the line. It is looking good at the moment. 🙂


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