“Eau de Tiger Balm”

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Rant
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The white and red versions of Haw Par Tiger Balm.

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It was not a great day today. Not in any respect really. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. I have the stiffest neck/shoulder ever (just slight exaggeration here) since yesterday.
  2. Said stiffness disrupted a large amount of my sleep (read: spasms of pain as soon as I moved ).
  3. Said amount of sleep got of to a bad start straight away as I didn’t get into bed until after 1am.
  4. Said lateness is due to the fact that we ended up in a pub after training and I was the designated driver which meant I had to wait until all were ready to go without having a few drinks myself.
  5. Said driver (i.e me) got a nasty headache as well as it was late, had not eaten properly, trained with a sore neck/shoulder (which didn’t improve condition of neck/shoulder), was knackered etc etc…take your pick.

All this meant that I staggered to my car this morning, and trust me I did stagger…. and drove to work in a haphazardness fashion. I should have had warning signs out for my fellow road users as my concentration was shot and not to mention that I was unable to turn my head very far in any direction which meant that changing lanes was interesting (needless to say reversing was out of the question). Once in work I just about managed to be coherent and do my work – and may I point out again that I didn’t drink last night!

I am however back home safe and sound, no car wreckage’s along the way or pedestrians mauled. I booked a back massage at the gym which was a blessing and it gave me 25 min of sleep as well. Once at home my lovely partner volunteered to rub some Tiger Balm on my neck/shoulder which means that I now am wearing the strong odour of “Eau de Tiger Balm” but I don’t care. It feels a bit better already. The combination of ointment and some loving TLC does do the trick.

Now for some sleep and hopefully tomorrow will be a better than average day.


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