Moody Sunday

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Life
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La Solitude

Image by |JL62| via Flickr

Today it is Sunday and it is a lovely early autumn day outside. I went for a walk and the sun is shining and the air is fresh and crisp. All this and I am still feeling tired and like I am running on 50% capacity today. I have no real reason to. I wasn’t out drinking yesterday and I have had a good 10 hours of sleep… but still, I have a lingering headache and end up reading moopy, angst ridden literature. It is one of these days when I do not feel like engaging in any conversations, when all I want to do is being in my own little bubble. I want to absorb whatever emotions I feel and just let them course through me and ponder on all the thoughts they give rise to.

It is just one of those days today. I believe that we need to feel like this at times in order to properly appreciate and enjoy the days when all is good.

But for today I want no questions, I want no demands, I want no hassle.


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