Me and my helmet…

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Life, Martial arts, Rant
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Early Saturday morning breakfast… it should almost be outlawed having to get up early on a weekend. Even after more than 34 years on this planet, I will just never get used to early mornings. Good thing I do not have kids, otherwise I would already have had a nervous breakdown and been carted off to the nearest mental institution. 7 am is bad enough when having to go to work. The thought of being woken at 5am (or something equally horrid) after an already interrupted nights sleep every morning makes me shudder.

The reason I am up this early today is that I am off to a Bujinkan seminar today, it will be good fun. There will be loads of people from different clubs in Ireland so am looking forward to it. There will probably be a few drinks afterward as well… yay!

Now…to the reason of my post title… “Me and my helmet”… what I am referring to is my current hair style. Hair disaster! I decided to try something new (again) but this time it was not as fun and funky as I thought it would be. At the moment, no matter what I do with my mop of hair, I look like I am wearing a helmet. One of those used in American Football, a brown/red helmet…wonderful..not. It looks ridiculous! I look like I am 45…Please shoot me now!

I need a beer or even better, lots of vodka…no, make that rum. Then maybe I will momentarily forget about this “lovely” mop of hair.

I know, I’s such a luxury problem and I should really focus on discussing more serious problems such as how come poverty still exists in the G8 countries etc.

BUT is looks like a bloody HELMET!

  1. Kaisa says:

    You do realize that we need proof? Pictures, pictures, pictures please! 🙂

  2. Hair mess.. tell me about it !! By the time it gets tamed, ll be graying…Happy “helmeting” !!

  3. Ivy Blaise says:

    The tragic truth is that my hair is already graying….blasted genes…why could they not skip me?! Well..that is why hair colour was invented… At least I will have a nicely coloured helmet…sigh.

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