Family musings: Furballs

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Cats, Family, Life, Pets, Uncategorized
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As most know I have two cats. Two very loved and fabulous furballs (not being partial at all…). They are called Cirrus and Stitch, one is a fat lazybones and the other has enough energy for 3. When I decided that I will write a few posts about family and such I realized that I also need to post about my cats as they are very much part of the family, as animals always have been in our family.

I have always loved animals. This is something that I have gotten from my parents. Both my dad and mum love animals and have had dogs and cats for over 50 years, actually as long as they have been married. My dad rescued a German Shepard puppy from being euthanized about 2 weeks after my sister was born. They have had animals ever since, everything from just a dog to a whole farm.

My love of animals will always be a part of who I am. We picked up Cirrus from the DSPCA about 3 years ago. He is a black&white moggie. He was very timid and cautious in the beginning and in so much need of affection. He was overweight when we got him… and he still is. He has been on a diet for 3 years the poor little guy. He also has FIV (which we only found out about later on) and he suffers from urinary tract problems occasionally as well so we have to keep an eye on him and what he eats. In spite of all this and numerous vet visits (which he absolutely loathes) he is still the cuddliest and most chilled out cat ever. He doesn’t lie on your lap but he loves to lie next to you and purr away happily. Because he is a bit of a lazy cat in need of exercise (how the hell do you exercise a cat!?) we decided that he needed a buddy to play with.

One day we went to the vet to buy something and one of the nurses had a silver marbled kitten on her shoulder… meet Stitch. He was found alone by two small girls and they handed him in to the vet. No owner was found and we ended up taking him home and yes, I am a total sucker when it comes to kittens. It has been fun and wild in the household ever since. Stitch has enough energy for 3. At one stage I was actually speculating if cats can have ADHD… he was everywhere…on every bookshelf, every windowsill and everywhere he shouldn’t be. He has no fear at all. Nothing fazes him, he loves every dairy product ever made, everything is a game and he is the most nosy cat I have ever met. Poor Cirrus didn’t know what to make out of this little intruder that constantly wanted his attention in the beginning but they are now the best of friends. They have each other to play with during the day and it is very handy not having to walk a cat. I tried once…bought a harness and all… it was not appreciated. Cirrus just laid himself flat down refusing to move and Stitch managed to wrestle himself out of the harness like Houdini in a few seconds.

There is always something going on in the apartment. Either mad chases up and down the stairs or lazy cat naps. Lots of cuddles and lots of laughs. Sometimes just watching them mess around is a lot more entertaining than any show on TV.

So needless to say, they are part of my family and bring an awful lot of happiness to our lives.

  1. Oh! You’re a cat lover, too?! I didn’t know! They are both very cute — though I’m partial to cats period.

    That’s so funny about the leash, because I did the *exact* same thing! And my two cats…did the same things as yours: one laid down, flat out, and wouldn’t move, and the other channelled her inner Houdini and writhed her way out of the harness altogether.

    One of our cats who is 15 is in the early stages of renal failure (very common in cats, apparently), and he’s been on a special diet that he hates. It’s turned him into a horrible beggar for food and treats, but I have to try to not give in. It’s not easy is it?

    Thanks for the introduction to Cirrus & Stitch!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Yes cats can be terrible food beggars alright. They act like they have never been fed and are about to die of hunger any minute. It is not easy to refuse but then it would be much worse if they got sick… at least that is what stops me to give Cirrus more as he really needs to stick to his diet. Not that it stops him from trying. 🙂

  2. Hmmm…didn’t realize that you are a cat person. Cute ones you have. Personally, ‘m more of a dog lover. Slightly more cuddly!!!lol

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Well to be honest I like both cat and dogs 🙂 Grew up with both and am equally fond of them. Can’t have a dog as we work to long hours and no-one would be home to walk the dog during the day so it wouldn’t be fair to have one in the apartment all day.

      I am lucky enough that both my cats are very cuddly. 🙂

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