All that is missing is the open fireplace.

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Life, Life changes, Travel
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Mulled wine in one hand… hot chocolate with rum in the other… what to choose? Ahhh whom am I kidding, I’ll have both! Just the other day I was thinking of booking a snowboarding holiday and now Dublin is covered in white fluffy snow. Unfortunately there are no proper mountains here hence nowhere to fall down trying to board. Cos let me be honest here… I am not very good at snowboarding but I do love it.

The last few winter holidays I have spent more time eating snow than actually zooming down the slopes but I am not easily scared off. There was a time when I was younger where falling in front of all the cool boarders and skiers would be the height of embarrassment and I would have hidden somewhere. Now that I over 30… I have just realized that I already have wasted too many years not daring to do things in case I make a fool out of myself (note that is not only in regards to falling in snow…). I sometimes look back, not even talking that many years here, and I wish I could give my younger self a good clip over the head. Hindsight is a great thing… eh…not.

Ah well…sod it. It won’t change anything and there is only one way to go and that is forward. Will book that holiday very soon, will hopefully fall a bit less this time and look more like I know what I am doing. Even if I don’t, I will have tremendous fun.

Right now I will have some pizza and some hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside. All that is missing is the open fireplace.

  1. barryshuler says:

    Sounds like a great afternoon!

  2. I’ve been starting sentences with “Now that I’m 30 …” for years. I just turned 30 in October, though. Not sure what that says about me.

  3. 30, so what ?!! Age is no bar for enjoying holidays. Though, I am quite certain of the fact that women are in the prime once they hit their 30’s and onwards …trust me, you don’t need any references for that !!! Just ask Julia Child for starters 🙂

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Hahahaha yes I thoroughly believe that being in your 30’s is the best ever! I actually love being the age I am. The problem I had was that I was way to conscious of what others thought of me etc etc…well a lot more insecure really when I was younger…a total chicken and a quite a bit more shy that I am today. 🙂

  4. I love the first day of snow – it’s so magical and cozy. Not like the following days when it turns all disgusting and brown. But the first day – that rocks.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Well no brown in sight here yet…it has been snowing for 3 days so it is all nice!! And since the local authorities are completely caught out by the weather it also means that no grit is on the roads so it is winter white wonderland…as long as you don’t drive anywhere far.. 🙂

  5. mainlyvoid says:

    Dokyo, “guts”, or “daring to do things you want or need to do”. Who cares what others thinks as long as you’re happy doing something? Not their life, right?

    And I love being the age I am. Hitting 30 is great! You’re no longer this young person, perceived to walk into others peoples areas of influence. All of a sudden, you’re allowed to influence others, without being thought of as that whippersnapper that “really has no clue”. Funny that age is considered also meaning you know what you’re talking about. What an untrue statement that is. Now, what I’m curious about next is, where are you booking in our holidays?

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