Decisions, decisions…

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Life, Travel
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So I want to go on a snowboarding holiday…as i have already pointed out in previous posts. I still haven’t booked anything as several things have not been established yet i.e. destination, costs and travel companion(s). I like to plan things as this is how I tick but I have not been able to do so in this regard as there has been a few things fluctuating, mainly funds and my dear partner making up his mind if he will join or not. Procrastination until I scream with frustration. Have I ever pointed out that I am not a very patient person?

Either way, I will hopefully have an answer next week. Now… we will either go somewhere together or I will go off snowboarding on my own. Never done that before…going on a winter holiday on my own that is. I do believe that a winter holiday comes down to, the more the merrier.

Now to the important part of this post. Where to go? Any tips for an enthusiastic but not very experienced (read: tends to fall a lot) snowboarder? I am in Europe so the Alps are pretty high on the list but am open for any suggestions (not Aspen etc though as I do not think my funds stretch that far…). Anyone who would like to join.. beginning Feb..?

Come on people, help me out here! 🙂

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Hey, your blog is snowing!

    Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions, since they will likely involve trans-Atlantic flights. But, I just wanted to let you know that you might want to close the window on your blog, cuz you’re letting in all the cold air. 😉

  2. Hmmm….unfortunately I don’t have any experience with skiing/snowboarding in Europe. If you ever come to the States, Park City, UT is awesome! Good luck with your decision-making!

    My daughter just tried snowboarding for the first time last year. She is 7, and I’ve decided that THAT is the age to learn such a sport — mostly because your bum is only a foot or so from the ground!

    Can’t wait to hear where you end up going!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Cool! I will keep Park City in mind if I come over the big pond. I know what you mean about it being easier to learn when you are closer to the ground.. I discovered that a good few times. 😀 Still though…it is great fun!

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