Friday morning

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Friends, Life, Thoughts, Travel
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Today I have a day off, actually I have Monday off as well. Yay!!!!! I cannot express how great that feels. I decided to do this during the week as I really felt I needed to have a few days more than just the weekend to do whatever I want. Sleep, sleep… meet up with friends, have a snowball fight, go training, read a lot and whatever else I can think off.

So here I am sitting at 11am having breakfast. Soon I will make my way into town to meet up with a friend. Looks like I will have to take the car… as the trains are all delayed due to the weather and I haven’t seen a bus in…oh… about 3 days. Hmmm might try the train anyway as I would like to be able to have a drink as well. Decisions, decisions.

< Update… several hours later> No bus service, freeze/thaw conditions making town an ice-rink and the bloody train was delayed for hours… so couldn’t meet up with my friend. Ended up getting my hair coloured and cut and got my nails done for free instead! Love going to the hairdressers and the one around the corner from me is the best!

At least the winter holiday conundrum was more or less solved yesterday. We decided to go on a snowboarding holiday together in February (haven’t decided where to yet) and then A will go on a trip with some of the lads in springtime and I will hopefully go away to NY also in the springtime. Now I will just have to save a lot of money. Funny how almost all my savings seem to go to travels.

Right, have to save my cup of tea now as my cat really doesn’t like the smell of tea or coffee… or wine, beer or any alcoholic beverage for that matter. He tries to bury my cup with his paws. Unless there is milk of course, as he then turns into the biggest dairy product thief ever. Threats that I will turn him into a warm scarf doesn’t faze him at all. Hrrmmppfhh.


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