Long weekend bliss

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Friends, Life
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The last few days have been bliss! Four whole days just for me, no work and no commitments other than whatever I decided I wanted to do. A bit of pampering, hitting the gym and the dojo, shopping, reading and meeting friends. The weekend ended on a high. Meeting up with a few of the girls and having a fabulous meal in one of our favorite restaurant with a good few drinks thrown in and talks about everything… holidays, food, guys, sex and oh and some more sex. This is what I love about meeting up. There are no mad inhibitions or primness. The conversation can go whatever direction it wants and we laugh… a lot. I was raring to go out on a bender yesterday but realised that I would probably be dead to the world today if I did so… and unfortunately it was back to work today again.

Well, the Xmas party on Friday is coming up. Let’s hope it is a good one. It is the first one with the company I am in now so it will be interesting. Needless to say I still haven’t found anything to wear and at this stage I am almost past caring (almost). I’ll see what I can dig out of the wardrobe.

Having had a long weekend I actually feel almost normal, like myself again. My brain is functioning in a somewhat alert sense once again and I seem to handle stress better. Just imagine what I could do after a 3 months holiday?! Hmmm… now there is a thought.

  1. Good for you! It’s always good to recharge, especially when it involves good friends, good food, good drink, lots of laughs….and sex talk is always a bonus!

  2. Sigh!! Really envy your luck, but that big break you did deserve after working from home. And here’s to more weekends and breaks like this. 🙂

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