Anger management?

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Life, Rant
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I realized today that it is once again one of those months… when I should distance myself from any source of annoyance. Normal annoyance that this month easily could turn into major homicidal tendencies. Yes, it is PMS from hell month again.

Not sure why I am hit with this crap this month. I just realized it when I came into work, took one look at my inbox and a few emails that normally would have just annoyed me but that now instead made me wish I could scream, rant and call the sender many not so nice names to their face. In my defence, the queries in the emails were particularly stupid. Luckily the sender is not even in this country.

The whole PMS experience is pretty mad really because I can find myself totally fine one minute and then so volatile the next. I know there are studies about chemical imbalances as a possible cause to this… if someone would bottle that then the destructive force would be mighty indeed. No wonder they say that an army of women is something to seriously fear (just look at the Israeli army).

Well, I have no plans to join any army or commit any homicides but I will battle narkiness and my tolerance levels will be below normal threshold. It is in times like these that I almost want some eejit to come out with a stereotypical chauvinistic slur so that I can let it rip, but then I would let them hear my opinion even if I wasn’t in full PMS mode… but this way I would be even scarier. 🙂 

I think I will need to distance myself and change the chemical imbalance…. Christmas party tonight. Maybe alcohol will help with balancing things? Hey, at least some vodka will make the whole do not mess with me so much more fun!

  1. It’s so exasperating isn’t it, the whole PMS thing? And it seems to get worse the older I get! Ugh. Someone should invent a PMS-martini (the PMS-mopolitan, perhaps?!).

    Enjoy your party.

  2. Dennis Hong says:


    Why do chicks always have to be bitching about something?!?


  3. nikki04 says:

    Vodka is the cure-all of everything.

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