Sunday thoughts

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Life, Reflections, Thoughts
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Fairy Lights

Image by Ciepher via Flickr

Sitting here drinking my detox tea…don’t laugh! It is needed after the last few days. I am looking at the fairy lights in the Christmas tree, “Amazing Grace” is streaming out of the speakers (looooove that song) and it is warm and toasty inside. Outside it is a beautiful picture of frosted lawns and roads. A white dusting on the ground. It is a lovely Sunday afternoon.

I love days like this. I feel centered and happy. It is like those days when you find yourself in the middle of a shopping center or at work and a thought enters your mind and you just have to smile. Those smiles that you cannot control or hide, those smiles that when shared light up a room magically.

I know that I will have a mad busy week ahead of me, when I will curse the gods and feel wrung out but I will try to remember this feeling and reach out to it when I need it the most and then… I will smile.

Time for another cup of tea I think. Have a nice Sunday all!


  1. nikki04 says:

    Sounds lovely! 😀

  2. Susi says:

    Sunday…Christmas dinner at Harry’s in Halmstad! Everybody eats a lot, drinks a lot of and sings “Hej Tomtegubbar”. No relaxing music and no hot tea…but….glögg and Irish coffee :-)))

  3. Love these kind of moments…:) A cup of Earl Grey to you.

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