Snow ninja

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Life, Martial arts, Miscellaneous
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It is a busy week at the moment but sometimes you just need to disconnect from work and everything and just let your inner child roam free…which is exactly what I did the other evening. It was snowing like mad once again in Dublin…

Snow ball fights were a given in the evening… I lost, as is plain to see.

Myself, my partner and a friend that stayed over (as the heavy snowfall prevented him from going home) ventured out in the snow and build a snow ninja… this piece of art was erected, immortalized on picture and then met an untimely death at the hands of some particular bad swordsmanship… 🙂

Yeah…we had fun! The neighbors are probably convinced now that we are totally mad…but you know what… it was worth it!

  1. nikki04 says:

    Great pics! Yay snow! 😀

  2. Bob says:

    Looks like everyone concerned had a great time in the snow. I am glad that you are getting some for Christmas this year.

    But you have to tell me, how do they deal with the white fluffy stuff? From what I have been seeing on the television it looks like a little snowfall turns the entire country into a parking lot. Heathrow airport was shut down for how many days? Here in Canada snow is a minor inconvenience as I am sure it was in Sweden for you. It was Sweden wasn’t it??

    Do they have the equipment and knowhow to deal with a relatively light snowfall or does the country fall apart?

    Just wonderin’

    Santa Bob

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Weeeeell…. it is chaos here to be honest. Total chaos. I have been working from home all week since Tuesday as I refuse to drive in this. Not because of the snow but because of everyone else on the road. It started snowing on Monday… so when I was going to drive home which in rush hour takes me about 40 min….well it took me over 3.5 hours to get home..crawling along cars that were sliding all over the place. The roads were not gritted, no-one even knows what winter tires is (you can’t buy them here) and people panic and either hit the accelerator or the brake. Busses don’t go anywhere, trains are majorly delayed, airport closes the minute a snowflake shows up…stores are running out of supply.. and no sidewalks are sanded or cleared so A&E are very busy with all that brake something when falling.

      So I just work from home and have fun in the snow. What else can you do. Oh and yes…it is Sweden. 🙂 They are having quite a cold winter this year. My family is from the south of the country and they are having loads of snow and -25 to -30 this year. Not that usual down south.

  3. Dennis Hong says:

    Oooh, you totally gave me an idea. Instead of going outside and making a snow angel, I decided to make a snow ninja:

    Can you see him?

  4. Wowie !! Gr8 idea, I must say 🙂 Who says that heavy snowfall is “dooms-times” ? Just calls for more fun times.

  5. Awesome! Looks like fun! The ‘snow’ falling on your blog adds a nice touch to the snowy photos. : )

  6. RIP Snow Ninja. Your time here was brief, but like Frosty, maybe you’ll be back again someday.

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