Can a comic figure be a role model?

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Life, Life changes, Miscellaneous
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I have always been fond of comic books, ever since I was a little kid. Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, The Phantom, Beetle Bailey and many more. I read them all, over and over. There was however one comic that I loved the most and that was Modesty Blaise.

I discovered Modesty Blaise and her faithful companion Willie Garvin when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I became totally engrossed in the their adventures. I bought all the comics, read them over and over again. Later on I also bought the books that the author Peter O’Donnell wrote about them.

Today you can find quite a few books and films with strong female leads but 20 years ago there was not many books, films or comics out there with a cool, independent female lead. Maybe that is why I loved it so much. I admired the guts and tenacity of the characters and I secretly wanted to become an international jewel thief. Hmmmmm… needless to say I didn’t pursue that career. What I did take with me was that women could be just as cool as any guys, that there were no gender differences when it came to do whatever you wanted in life. Modesty Blaise was beautiful, stuck to her principles, kicked ass, was intelligent and took no shit.

I didn’t think about it then but I somehow think that in many ways she became a role model or at least a guide for me. It does sound a bit weird to say that about a fictional character but there it is. What more can I say, except that I still read the comics and the books and I still enjoy them.

  1. Aha! So that’s the “blaise” in your blog name?? Very cool. Excellent choice in role models.

    I love uncovering the real “Ivy Blaise”!!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! Any special gifts for the kitties??

  2. Ivy Blaise says:

    Hahahaha yes, you got it right! 🙂

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, God Jul right back at ya! For the kittehs… strings and paper make the best gifts… oh and tuna. 😀

  3. Nw that the story of “blaise” is revealed, got to figure out the “ivy” bit 🙂 Loved comic books esp justice league, Popeye, billy’s circus…many of them show a lot of principles and ideals. And reading it is real fun 🙂 Merry x’mas to u !!

  4. Anders Holm says:

    Well, the more you train, the more weapons you learn, the more you become just like Modesty. All you need is a set of them kongo’s she wields and you’ll be set. You got the rest already honey.

  5. Modesty Blaise is a role model for hundreds, if not thousands, of women – Peter O’Donnell is quoted as saying he would often receive letters from women telling them what an inspiration Modesty was to him!

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