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Posted: December 28, 2010 in Family, Life
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I moved out from my parents house at the tender age of 16… it was not because I wanted to or was thrown out but because my senior second level school was too far away and I had to move into student accommodation. It was a bit scary in the beginning but I quickly learned to take care of myself and my parent were just 2 hours away.

So I never really had the parental supervision as an older teenager that both my brother, sister and most of my friends had. If I was out partying then they did not know and it was freedom that you get used to very fast. I need to point out that I was also quite shy and not very daring at that age so it was not that my parents needed to worry all too much… but still, they do not know all.

I grew up and the shyness receded. The parties were more frequent and so were other activities. I was a young single women enjoying life. My parents are not stupid so of course they knew that I was out partying… answering the phone while extremely hungover was perhaps not a great move.

I moved abroad at 22 and my parents embraced emails and long distance calls. Visits per year are few but fun and I quickly realized that as much as I love them I could not live together with them for more than a few days. I think the feeling is mutual…

There are somethings you should never need to know about your parents and there are definitely things they do not need to know about you. So a nice equilibrium was maintained.

So imagine my utter astonishment when I got a friend request on Facebook from my parents! You should have seen my face. This was quickly followed by hurried instant messaging between my sister and myself on what the heck just happened. Keep in mind that my parents are in their seventies and normally emailing and the occasional internet surfing is as far as they use their PC. I also figured out that my brother was visiting them today… the guilty culprit is found.

So I am feeling two ways about this; on the one side I think it is pretty cool that they embrace social networking online… On the other hand, talk about parental supervision on a high level. Damn, I will have to think twice before I post now, well good thing they do not speak English very well.

Then I catch myself and all I can do is to shake my head… I am 34 years old for gods sake. Why does this make me react like a rebellious 17-year-old? I guess parents will always be parents…no matter how old we get. Sigh.

  1. Bob says:

    I know the feeling, I moved out of my home town at 18 to go to University in Manitoba. Not a cross country move by any stretch of the imagination but 4 hours just the same.
    I had to move home after my 2nd year in school due to a family emergency and I knew then I had to get out and FAST.

    I love my parents dearly but to have that freedom and independence replaced by being under their roof once again was unlivable.

    I like to do what I want, when I want.

    Thankfully my mom is computer illiterate so I don’t have to worry bout the facebook thing. But on the other hand I would like her to be able to read my blog from time to time. Hmmm Strange eh??

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    I totally understand. My mom is on my Facebook. In fact, she’s become one of my blog’s biggest fans, but that’s mostly because of the “proud parent” thing, not because she actually likes what I write.

    The main consolation I have is that I KNOW she doesn’t understand like half the stuff I write, because she’s not a native English speaker.

    Woo hoo. šŸ˜‰

  3. Hey there – Just catching up on some blog reading today…but this made me laugh. Worse even than your parents: my mother-in-law friended me on FB! Aaaaagghhhh! You can’t say no, of course, but odds are, you also don’t want to say yes! Oh the dilemmas of social networking!

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