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Posted: January 6, 2011 in Life, Thoughts
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New Gold Dream...

Image by law_keven via Flickr

Do you ever have that surreal feeling when you wake up and you remember what you dreamed about? When the dream causes a whole bunch of questions starting with how, why and now what? It makes you think and ponder on how the subconscious really works and what made your brain filter in those specific things.

I like to dream. I have almost always remembered most of my dreams, as wacko as they are. It used to be a game in our house where my mum and sister and myself told each other of all the weird stuff we dreamed about, within limits of course…

Dreams to me have always been like adventures where all is possible and it used to annoy the hell out of me if I woke up before my dream concluded. Well, it still does. Of course I occasionally have dreams that are not very pleasant but that is the beauty about dreams… once you wake up, that is that.

The one time dreams stay with me is when they make me feel intensely about things that I am not sure about how I feel about when I am awake or when it is about scenarios that really touch me in a way that it starts me thinking about how this could be part of my subconscious and why just these particular thoughts jumped up in my dream.

Sometimes it is easy to pick out the details in a dream and map them to things you have seen, read or experienced in a day but there are times when it is combined in a way that almost seems impossible to figure out. Yes, I have read all about dream interpretations and a lot makes sense but there are times when I think that our subconscious is a much more interesting place than we can fathom. It has always fascinated me. Maybe I should start reading up on it more again.

As you have gathered I had one of those dreams last night and it has stayed with me all day. It has made me think about what it could mean or not mean at all the entire day. It both makes me feel good and a bit scared. Weird stuff. And no, I will not describe it here. I am not looking for any interpretations. Just wanted to share… something… I guess.

Mmmmm I definitely think too much when I am home and on my own too long.

  1. Bob says:

    I am still fried from Nikki’s blog, I swear you girls are ganging up on me today.
    Seeing who can melt my noggin the fastest.

  2. Foreigner says:

    Dreams can bee weird sometimes, well they usualy are but still.
    I enjoy analysing my dreams too, although I give uo an hour later and move on to other stuff.

    Good post.

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