Being a woman

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Life, Thoughts
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I love a good banter. When the words snap out fast, the come-backs come even faster and the smirks that follow can turn boring times into fantastic moments. My partner and I were discussing chocolate. I state that for some women chocolate is a substitute for sex… when he points out that it is good then that he is not a woman (this as he tries to steal my chocolate). This obviously means that I say that he couldn’t handle it anyway – being a woman that is, referring to the superior beings that we are. Well and on that way it was. It was good fun.

Afterward it got me thinking… about being a woman. What it means to me and would I want it any differently. Would I want to be a man? Well maybe for a day or a week. Just to try it out. It could be fun I think.

Would I want to change it forever?


I like being a woman. Yes there are many things that I am not too fond off (PMS anyone?!) but overall being a woman rocks. What’s there not to like? We have bodies that can go through amazing changes. Each of us have the potential to look amazing. We bond, we connect, we love, we fight for our right to be treated just the same as anyone else and we never give up.

I could go into the whole debate about equality or how what I describe is not applicable to what other women feel or what they stand for but you know what… I won’t cos this particular post is not about that. Neither is this post about how women are better than men and so forth. This post is purely about how I feel about being a woman and what it means to me.

Women are beautiful. There is softness, gentleness and a caring nature. There is dynamism, strength and unrelenting fierceness. Let’s face it … there are multiple-orgasms… what else can I say?

So to all the women out there… always treasure who you are and never forget to celebrate the fact that you are a woman. Cos it rocks… seriously!

  1. nikki04 says:

    Amen sister! 😀

  2. GO, Ivy!!

    There are only a few things that ever make me wish I were a guy– one of the more trivial?
    Much less surface area to shave!

    But on a more serious note, one thing I really envy about guys is their ability to not have fear in certain situations.

    It’s a FACT that women are more often victimized than men, and the fact that men can walk certain places, or do certain things, without the fear that plagues women is certainly an enviable characteristic.

    But as for beer bellies and bushy eyebrows??! Eh, they can keep ’em!!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      I know what you mean… on all your points. Firstly… i am seriously considering saving up for laser hair removal treatment..that bloody epilator is doing my head in.

      The fact that we have to fear going out at night etc etc drives me nuts. It makes me increadibly angry. And you are is something guys have much less off and it must be nice.

      My eyebrows are bushy enough… 🙂

  3. Posky says:

    As a man, I know just about everything there is to know about being a woman.

    Don’t be afraid to go out at night or anything else ever. Women can and should be privy to the same things that men are.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      I have never really been scared going out at night but unfortunately I ( & women in general) have always had to keep things in mind of where you go, if you walk alone, keeping an eye out etc etc. It is annoying as hell. We shouldn’t have to but that is reality. Yes we should be privy to the same things men are, now we just have to make sure that is the case for all.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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