“Never say never to me…”

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Life, Martial arts
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Today I once again realized that it is so easy to set yourself up to failure by from the very start by saying “shit i can’t do that”. There I was at the club and our instructor was making us do all kinds of exercises, some more challenging than others.

One of these was that all stand in a row, two and two facing each other – holding on to each other with our arms… building a bridge with our arms. One person at a time then had to run and leap up on top of the arms, make his/hers way over to the other side, swing down and then make your way back to starting point again underneath the arms without touching the floor.

The instructor aptly decided to call this “Nush’s bridge” due to the groan and face I made when he said what we had to do. So there I was…when it was my turn… dreading it but not backing down. There was no way I was going to back out in front of all the lads. But yes, there was a small voice in me saying….”shit I will never get up there and then hang on underneath”. I tried once, twice and just did not get up… the lads were all shouting “come on”. Then my instructor said that I would use his back as a stamp off point…well, my first thought was that “hell I do not want to hurt his back” and off I went (trying to thread lightly). I made it up and managed to crawl over to the other side, swearing like a nutter at the same time cos there was just no way in hell I was not making it.

Yes, I had problems on the way back as the strength in my arms is not up to scratch yet but you know what… I am pretty chuffed that I got up (OK, with a bit of help) and managed to crawl across all the arms.

So today I learned something; do not say never, cannot do, no way… as then you will already have resigned yourself to fail. I thought “no way” and failed several attempts, then with some encouragement and my instructor saying “do not say never in here” I actually managed. No it was not perfect or graceful or even all the way, but I did not give up.

So I have to learn to say “Never say never to me” to myself (and yes, it is a quote from one of my favourite films (and book) as well – bonus points if you get it).

Now… it is time for bed as I am positively exhausted but smiling and can’t wait for the next training session!

  1. Bob says:

    I agree never ever give up!!

  2. Whoa! That is one crazy training session! Very impressive you made it. I think sometimes it truly is all about mind over matter.

    Way to go, girl!

  3. The trainer I work out with once a week calls me a koala bear because I’m slow, grumpy and gripe about every exercise before I get off my ass and do it.

  4. nikki04 says:

    It’s amazing the mental blocks that happen to us – our own brains telling us “yeah, no.”

    This is pretty interesting – I actually will post a blog next week about asanas (postures) in yoga that scare the crap out of me (yes – I did just say yoga scares me). Funny thing is, my body is perfectly capable of doing these things, it’s my brain I have to get over.

    Although I think yours might be a lil more bad ass.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      LOL! Yoga scares me! I have only tried it once for a few weeks in a very cold community centre room which meant the relaxing part was not so relaxing…at all. Have friends that do yoga and some of those postures…well I would feel like a human pretzle and I would fall and wack my head…guaranteed. Think I stick to hitting the lads instead. 😀

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