Wheeeee down we go!

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Life, Miscellaneous, Travel
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I have taken the afternoon off. As in I am not on the slopes right now. Seriously need to give my bruised and sore legs a rest… I have had a good few face plants, full body plants and anything in between. So here I am in the hotel bar, having a latte and updating my blog.

The flight was ridiculous early… but even after just 3 hours of sleep…it is holiday! The sun was shining when we arrived and hasn’t stopped since. This week has been pretty fabulous. The sun has shone every day and I am now sporting a very red nose… I knew I didn’t have enough sunblock.

Getting down the slopes has been paced with several sun stops at various mountain huts/restaurants. Some beer or hot chocolate with rum and some time in the sun loungers is perfect between runs. This is the way to live life. The perfect way to de-stress.

Now tomorrow is our last full day on the slopes so the plan is to get up early and hit the newly groomed pistes straight away. Then I will end the day with a 75min long aromatherapy massage. Oh yeah!

I promised to update with some pics… so here they are.

View from top of mountain:

Hitting the slopes:

Oh yeah…very stylish helmet:

After a few brush up lessons it felt great:

Anders comes bearing gifts:

Mmmmmmmm beer 🙂

Drink of choice:

Nibble of choice:

Oh the Austrian cafes were also very nice…scrumptious cakes! Puts a smile on my face:

The views on the mountain were fabulous and no picture gets even close.

Tomorrow is another day of sunshine, snowboarding and a few beers perhaps. Are you with me?



  1. Susi says:


  2. Ah, glad to see your update and some photos! Looks amazing there! Loved seeing some photos of YOU, too! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  3. nikki04 says:

    Ugh. You bitch.

    Yes. The pics are lovely and WoW looks amazing. But really? Did you have to rub it in???

    (Looks amazing!!! Sounds like your last day is going to be perfect!)

  4. Bob says:

    Looks amazing! I was really hoping for some shots of the women’s sauna but the mountain shots will have to do. 🙂

    Glad you’re having a good time and enjoying yummy Austrian style beer. I would give my right leg to be where you are and having a blast skiing. I don’t do the board thingy. Although I would have to learn to be an amputee skier. Oh rot it.

    Have a blast for whatever time you have left, take more pictures and share whatever you can with us. You look perfectly devilish peeking out from behind those shades.
    We never get to see Nikki’s face so good on ya Ivy!

    Safe Journeys

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