There is never an excuse for ignorance

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Rant
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Portrait of Hypatia

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I just finished watching a film called “Agora” with Rachel Weisz by Alejandro Amenabar. The story takes place in old Alexandria at the end of the Roman Empire around the 4th century AD. Around the time when the Christians and the Jews and those of the “old” faith all fought for dominance. Rachel Weisz plays the philosopher and astronomer Hypatia.

The make a long story short – it is about power and how religion is used to gain power. How religion and faith is used to silence those of a different opinion. How selective scripture is used to prevent clever men and women from speaking out. How to rule with fear, using masses of ignorant people to enforce a will upon others. How a man uses “the word of God” to suppress a woman inconvenient to him.

Yes, I know it is just a film… but this is actually based on true happenings. The library was ransacked and burned by an ignorant mob. The philosopher Hypatia was killed as she would not conform. People of a different faith or even just a different opinion were murdered.

As you might have gathered, I am infuriated. The thought that these atrocious events happened so many years ago saddens me. The realization that this is still happening make me so angry.

What is different today really? The same stupid, infuriating atrocities are happening all over the world as I type this. It may be a different religion being forced down someones throat in one place. A women being silenced due to a scripture written by insecure men in the past in another place. Families being forced to run in fear of prosecution. People destroying our history and our legacy out of ignorance and sheer stupidity. Politicians using religion as a mean to further their own personal agendas. Using and twisting people’s faith to get more power without any consideration of their fellow-man.

I believe in freedom of religion. Believe in whatever faith you wish or none at all. I believe in the right of an education to all that covers all spectrum’s of different faiths, science and everything in between so that you can freely and fully knowledgeable decide what you wish to believe in. I believe that stupidity is unfortunate but ignorance can never be excused. Prosecution and attempts to forcefully silence someone on basis of their faith, gender or opinion has no place in this time of age. Religion should not be used as a tool for power or as an excuse to push laws to further personal agendas. If it is, then it invalidates everything good the faith stands for. It is sullied by the impotence of power-hungry men.

We should embrace our diversity. Cherish the differences between men and women. Prize our diverse cultures, faiths and experiences. Treasure our history and learn from it. We should move forward, not backwards.

  1. nikki04 says:

    GREAT post, Ivy!

    It is really amazing to me how little we humans change sometimes. How much we still prosecute and hate and fear. How much we use what WE believe in to silence or harm those that believe something else – even if they’ve done nothing to us, or will do nothing to us. It’s disgusting.

    Ugh. When will we learn?

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      That is a very good question. We humans have a tendancy to close our eys to bad things that happend. To believe we are holier and better than our predecesors when in reality we are just as likely to fall into the same pitt falls and judge just as harschly. Being open-minded and realizing we are “just” humans will go a far way. We must realize that we make mistakes, accept it, take resposibility for those mistakes, learn from them and work against repeating them.

  2. Time to watch something light and fluffy. Maybe even animated. Not “Tangled,” though. Did you hear they named it that instead of “Rapunzel” and beefed up the male lead’s part to appeal to boys. Blerg.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Hehehe yes the next film session will definitely be lighthearted. Can’t believe they changed “Rapunzel” that way… are there not enough animated films targeting the boys? Leave a good fairytale as it is.

    • nikki04 says:

      Ew. I never had the desire to see “Tangled” but now I’ll avoid at all costs.


      Sara Bareilles has a great song called “Fairy Tale”: “The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair says/Would have cut it myself if i knew men could climb hair.”

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