Posted: March 30, 2011 in Life changes
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I open my eyes.

Gentle rain has passed. The scent of damp earth lingers. Rays of sun break through and warm my face.

I breathe in.

The wind whispers of new beginnings. Life is ready to bursts forth all around. The air is filled with hope.

I smile.

  1. Bob says:

    Spring is coming here soon also, the snow is melting and there’s a smile on everyone’s face. The birds flying north as I type this, ice cream treats are being devoured by young and old alike.

    Spring is a good time, a time for rebirth. A time to re-imagine ones self, to let the winter frost slowly melt away and let the sun into your heart again.

    Enjoy, and make mine with sprinkles!

  2. leafprobably says:

    I love the smell of spring. That fresh green ‘just rained’ smell.

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