The never ending move…

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Life changes
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One more weekend and then I FINALLY will have moved all my things. I cannot believe how much time and effort this has taken. Well OK… I have only been able to move on weekends due to work commitments but still. It feels like the never-ending move.

I moved my cats yesterday. They spent most of the day checking all out and giving me a look stating “ehhhh what’s this place?” The remainder of the day was spend sunbathing on the balcony – after checking out the other cats and dogs in the area first. Think the balcony was a hit.

Have to say the new apartment is looking nice. It looks like someone lives there now instead of just lodging. Have bought a few things in IKEA… so am ridiculously skint now but it makes a difference to the place.

I also need to sort out an internet connection… I so, sooo need to get Internet! Phone surfing is a pain. I actually feel extremely restricted. The blog writing is suffering and trying to follow other blogs is also a challenge. My phone screen is not exactly huge. Not to mention that sometimes I want to check something and I more or less have to wait until I am in work and happen to have 2 minutes to check it up. Yeah I know… first world problem.

Next step… move the last things this upcoming weekend. Buy a TV – for those days when I just want to watch a film. Most importantly… have some friends over for a few beverages (hrrmm). Woohoo! Hehe!

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    Life is a never-ending move. If you stop moving, well, you’re probably dead.

    Too metaphoric? 😉

  2. Bob says:

    Dennis has a point there. I am so glad that you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. No part of moving is really fun (except maybe those *necessary* trips to IKEA!), but the internet thing? That would be giving me coniptions! And aren’t cats hysterical when you put them into a new environment (or, in my cats’ case, move a chair!)? I love how they have to carefully inspect every little thing, ever-so-cautiously. Sounds like they’re adjusting well, though.

    Good luck with the rest of the move, and may you soon see the bottoms of all those boxes!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Finally got a broadband connection now!! It is mad how used you get to being on-line. Cats have settled in OK… it took a day or two but by now all is checked out, sniffed out and has been cat approved. 🙂

  4. Finding fun in doing the most dreary of jobs ( moving home being the first one) is a challenge. Hope you get your internet soon though 🙂 Have fun over the weekend. Before you know, it ll be “a home” soon.

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