The satisfaction of manual labour

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Miscellaneous, Work
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I spent a good few hours putting together IKEA furniture at a friend’s place yesterday and more is to come today. As neither of us own a drill or any electric screwdrivers it was down to using manual labour and manual tools. It was warm out and even warmer inside. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is something immensely satisfactory about putting something together properly and then seeing the finished product. It makes me feel good. I even love the smell of sawdust that always comes with any wooden product. I have always loved working with wood. Well… I do not love the feeling of the same sawdust filling my nostrils and eyes when it gets really dusty but hey can’t have the good without the bad I guess.

I was always taught that if you are going to do something then do it properly. I can be incredibly lazy (oh yes… there is no doubt about that) but once I actually do something then I have to do my best. I might not be a professional carpenter or handy(woman) and that I can live with but it irks me (or annoys the hell out of me) when I know I could have made it better. Good enough is not… good enough.

Sometimes I think I am in the wrong field of work but then I am pretty happy where I am now as well. I will just have to enjoy the existence of flat-pack furniture.

  1. Bob says:

    I am glad that you’re handy with the tool belt Ivy. I know that satisfaction all to well building something with your bare hands seeing it take shape beneath your gaze.

    As you know I build aircraft components for a living, by all rights I should be a Psychiatrist right now but events transpired against me in that endeavour. So I work with my hands making sure that everything is just so. I’ve also worked in wood shops, as a carpenter of sorts, the smell of fresh cut wood is so captivating. Until it jams your nostrils tight and you can’t smell it any more.

    Keep enjoying the spring, Happy Estore to you!! 🙂

  2. One of the nice things about starting over is that you can rebuild your life — literally and figuratively — any way you want.

    Happy belated birthday, Nush. Hope it was a good one.

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