As most of you know the last couple of months have been pretty up and down for with all that has happened. Such a big change in life is bound to come with a few stumbling blocks and hiccups. However that is not what this post is about. I do not intend to write a long post this evening but I wanted to briefly touch upon on something that has made a huge difference for me… having a laugh.

I spent the evening yesterday in the company of friends and I laughed and laughed until my belly ached. I burst out laughing in the car all the way home thinking of all the crazy stories told that night. Today I spent quite a few moments in work laughing with my colleagues about all kinds of sh*t. It was great.

There have been days when life seemed pretty crap but then a comment from a friend would make me burst out laughing and all the sudden the day seemed much brighter. It can make the most stressful day so much easier. It is amazing the difference it can make. Oh I am sure there are plenty of scientific proof of why this is the case. A good laugh does prolong life… as they say in Sweden. Am sure there is a lot of truth behind that. The important part for me is that I am lucky enough to have great people around me that I can have a laugh together with.

When I can laugh everything is better. With laughter there are no obstacles too big. With laughter we can do anything.

  1. So glad for you to read this. And so true: it does make all the difference! It’s a big part of why I married my husband: he can always make me laugh.

    May the smiles and laughter keep coming for you! Have a great weekend, Ivy!

  2. Sunny says:

    I second that! Laughter is doubt about it. Glad to hear you’ve had a few chuckles lately.

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