In my next life I want to be a cat owned by me….

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Cats, Pets
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These two furballs are what greet me every morning and every evening. They never fail to make me smile with their antics. I do not care if some think I am a crazy cat lady going on about my cats a bit. I could not see myself living without a pet.

The bedroom is the favorite place, when allowed in.

Yes? What’s up with the interruption?

Under the duvet is the best spot according to Stitch.

Bring it on! Stitch always starts… and always loses…

Stupid leash…die!

This water tap thing is annoying… and wet!

My assistant Cirrus overlooking work.

Stitch… the poser of the house.

Cat prison?

This cat nap business is very important.

My big sun worshiper.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Nobel prize-winning author Anatole France

  1. They’re adorable! Our cat Atlas used to always sleep under our duvet too. I can’t tell you how many times he was nearly squashed, especially by our kids! We always had to do a “cat check” before sitting down on the bed.

    I have often thought that very same thing, about being a cat owned by me in my next life. It would be a pretty good existence!

  2. Bob says:

    OK give me back my Cats!! It’s uncanny your two cats are dead ringers for two I had to put up for adoption many years ago. The black and white one was named Midnight and the Tabby was named Missy.

    It was such an incredible feeling of deja vu looking upon them. Allergies be dammed I loved my little critters as much of a pain in the ass that they were. Always “helping me” read the paper, or jumping on my head first thing in the morning looking for breakfast. Yeesh.

    Couple of cuties you have there Ivy, you’re a lucky girl indeed.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Hehehe yes the “helping” can be somewhat interesting at times…. snoozing on the keyboard is one way of helping I guess…

      Allergies definitely suck!

      • Sunny says:

        I LOVE THEM!!! I am a cat person too. Ive finally accepted that I am not in charge around here. I have three of them, all with very spoiled, yet with their own unique character. Yours look like sweetie pies! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile. And I agree, It looks like good living..I wouldnt mind coming back as your (or my) cat..

  3. Ivy Blaise says:

    Hi Sunny! That is what I love with animals in general… the unique characters. They are sweet and nuts at the same time. It is also very true… we are not really in charge… they just let us think so every once in a while. With three cats I am sure you’re kept occupied, as their servant. 🙂

  4. nikki04 says:

    *I* want to be your cat in my next life.

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