Still blogging a year later…

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Blogging
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I sit here looking at my draft posts – post filled with pain, with longing, with sadness, with love, with thoughts immensely private. Pieces of writing that I’ll never publish. Some are old, some are new. I read them and I’m rocked back. They scare me with their intensity. Where did they come from?

I started writing this blog a little over a year ago now. The whole blogging… oh whom am I kidding… the whole writing thing made me VERY nervous. I’ve never felt that I’m a good writer. God knows my essays in school sucked! So writing in such a public fashion was very daunting. It has been an interesting journey.

With no formal writing experience and with no idea on what to actually write, I just started to write. For better or worse. There has been plenty of times when I cringed over what I wrote. Other times I have not been able to stop writing. Then there has been times when the dry-spells have been very real and no matter what I tried, nothing would come forth.

Looking back, there are some posts that I find horrid and then some that I am proud off. Then there are those pieces… This whole blogging business seems to have awoken something in me that I never knew existed. Strings of words that speak of my innermost feelings. Feelings that I cannot vocalize but that only come out in writing. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to post them.

I just write whatever pops up in my head. I do edit some but mainly, what I write is what I think about in that moment.  Which explains the amount of depressing posts about my messy life lately. Sorry about that… bear with me, I promise I will get back to somewhat funny or thought-worthy posts again as soon as I can.

I am still amazed that people read my shit AND that some even like it enough to continue reading or even comment on it. I have met some amazing people via this blog in the last year and THAT is almost the best thing about it. My life would be a poorer life without you.

So here’s to another year of writing (and feverent praying that my muse will stop watching soppy movies and actually come up with some good ideas to dazzle us all with…).

Most of all, here’s to all of you who read my thoughts. Thank you.

  1. I think you do yourself an injustice. You write very well and I wouldn’t have known you had no formal writing experience. As for writing depressing posts, don’t worry about it. We tend to write more about our `demons’ than our joys if we’re writing honestly which it sounds like you are. Keep blogging, people will keep reading them. 🙂

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Thank you very much! I always strive to write my honest thoughts, wouldn’t know how to do it any differently.

      • That’s usually the best way. I tried being more organized and planning my writing once and found that people prefer the spontaneous, from the heart stuff no matter how dark or depressing it is. I like writing that way much better anyway.

  2. What a sweet and lovely post.

    As you know, I share many of your sentiments about the whole blogging business in general (though I didn’t know until now that we began at about the same time…..cheers!), and after reading this, I realize we have so much more in common in that area than I even realized (oh, hello, no formal writing experience!). But in particular, the best thing about it, by far, are the awesome, amazing people I’ve met as a result. I count you among those, and I’m so glad we’ve “met!”

    I’ve often had thoughts about giving it up, hanging up my hat…. worrying that I’m not very good at this whole gig and why on earth would anyone want to read anything I have to say, etc etc. And then I think about the people I would miss connecting with through blogging. You are one of them. So in a way, you give me inspiration to keep going! : )

    Kudos on making it for more than one year. We’ve beat many of the statistics already just by that fact alone! ((Hugs)) to you!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Aw thanks Christy! Am getting all emotional here now. I think it is great to have met you as well!! You are not allowed to give up blogging, so there. I love your blog, it is brilliant! The inspiration goes both ways!

      Big hugs!! xoxo

  3. Dennis Hong says:

    It’s your blog. You’re allowed to write whatever you damned well please. 😉

    If nothing else, maybe the writing allows you to process the drama in your life and help you deal with everything?

  4. Bob says:

    You write like I write Anna, from the gut. Putting those thoughts that you can’t speak on a page feels so liberating. Even if it’s just a getting a case of sillies off your chest.

    You and I started blogging about the same time I just passed my year a little while ago. It took me a long time to find my voice and style on here. I tried to write to please other people but that never works for long. You have to write to please YOU.

    Congrats and keep up the good work

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