Sunburned, tired and feeling good.

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Travel
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Just got back from Enniskerry after having walked the first part of the Wicklow Way with a friend … even though we also somehow deviated from the Wicklow Way and ended up on the Dublin Way at the end. Still no idea how that happened but let me put it this way… the sign-posting for the paths is not exactly great. It did cause us to pass the Johnnie Fox’s Pub – which some might say was a sign. That beer was divine after 5 hours of walking.

Either way it was a lovely day. The sun was shining the entire day (hence the sunburn), the company great fun and the views were fabulous. It was a great hike. As I have not done anything like this in a long time and because my boots still are pretty new… I am paying for it today. Sore legs and very blistered feet. But still… I’d do it again.

As usual I did not take as many pictures as I intended to but here are a few.

There was a Fairy Tree in Marley Park… enter.

Dublin in a sunny haze.

Boulders and peaks.

Up we went.

On the path.

Rolling hills wherever you looked.

Down through the forest. I love forest walks.

A great pit-stop.

Sore feet… I will spare you the view of my blisters. It was worth it though.



  1. Wow – it looks beautiful there! Ireland has long been on my wish list of places to visit, and this makes me want to go even more! Thanks for sharing your photos. I showed Anna the fairy tree – she thought that was way cool. She likes to make “fairy houses” at the base of an oak tree in our front yard.

    Sounds like it was a perfect get-away. (Well, minus the blisters, of course!)

  2. Nikki B says:

    Yay Ireland!! One day I’ll post some Europe pics…

    Sounds like the hike was fab! Great weather, good friend, topped off with a pint at a good pit stop! 😀

  3. Sunny says:

    I’m tired just reading about your adventure, but it looks like good times. The pictures are a bonus too. I like seeing foreign places through the eyes of locals. It beats the tourist attractions any day, I think.

  4. All exercise should be rewarded with beer. I should probably write a diet book.

  5. singlegirlie says:

    Oh, so jealous. The photos are beautiful. I so want to visit Ireland!

  6. Redawna says:

    Such a gorgeous place! Love all the pictures.

    Those hikes that you feel for a day or 2 afterwards are always the best!

  7. Beautiful pics. I do envy your hike, the route, the sites and the stop overs. May be someday I’ll make it there. For now, ‘m planning to cover India. Hopefully soon. 🙂

    The best part is when you look back through the photos or even think of the place, it always brings back fond memories, even with the sunburns and the blisters. 🙂

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