A muse MIA…

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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A muse has gone and gotten herself missing in action… namely my muse. She has a tendency to do this. She is an illusive being. One minute ideas are coming forth with the speed of light and the next she off on an extended holiday.

Here I am sitting in desperate need of some inspiration and nothing, nada, nichts is coming forth. I have started writing countless posts and they end up as really bad drafts – deleted drafts at that. I could blame work that drains me of any intelligent thought or I could blame the lack of sun in this rainy country… all very valid excuses. However… blaming the muse will at least give me a reason to post something that does not just contain me complaining about the weather or moaning about my job. Let’s face it – I live in Ireland so the weather is shite most times of the year and my job does have its mad busy periods and that will not change anytime soon.

See my muse she is a bossy but scatty-brained one. Not stupid…. no, I would never dare to accuse her of that but focus is not her best characteristic. When she is all there then there is no stopping of ideas. This is mainly accompanied with ink-stains, pieces of paper everywhere and lots of coffee, tea, caffeine IV (OK, maybe not that). Every so often she decides a break is needed and just takes off. Somehow it feels like the breaks are more frequent than the actual work but hey… what can you do.

Being a muse means she has no boundaries or limitations so god knows what she is up to. Boozing most likely in some exotic place surrounded by party-goers. Next time I must make sure I tag along.

Let’s hope she returns soon so I can actually write a post with something half-way intelligent instead of this total nonsense. Inspiring ideas will gladly be received…


  1. Movedup says:

    A conclusion is simply the place where you stop when you get tired of thinking about something…. You may be right – your muse must have met up with mine and are rolling around giggling in the sand on some warm tropical island with fruity drinks decorated with pink umbrellas. As I sat with my journal this morning intent up documenting my latest headtrip ( I call it that because that is where I have been spending the past few days) and found that I had already came to a conclusion on the situation, accepted by analysis, decided it was such nonsense and quite frankly had moved on from it already. The page stared at me – blank – much like my thoughts. So if you hear from your muse – let her know she can send mine home too at least for a visit and ah a fruity drink with a pink umbrella would be a lovely gesture.

  2. Nikki B says:

    Tee hee! I totally hear you! I hate sitting down to write and everything is crap… when other times it just flows!

    Damn you Muse! I mean, wait! I didn’t mean that! Come back!

  3. I really enjoyed the post. I have from time to time found said muse rather difficult to get a hold of when I need her. Honestly, left to my own devices my written things can get a little “dicey”! So it was quite comforting to know that others experience similar cases of MMS (Missing Muse Syndrome)…

  4. Bob says:

    Ahh Ivy. Relax…
    The nice thing about blogging is that it doesn’t have to happen on a schedual. I try to set a goal of two posts a week. If I make it,I make it.

    Personally tend to get wordy after a few weeks, and then I quiet again. It’s all you girl!

  5. Ha, ha! I think your muse, and my muse, have gone MIA together! Who knows what craziness they are up to?!!!

    BTW, I love the MMS concept, mentioned by an above commenter. It’s an affliction any blogger abhors, no?!!

  6. I know the feeling. It’s very frustrating but the muse tends to come back only when she feels like it. 🙂

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