Holidays, check-in’s, regression, cattery anxiety and the colour red

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Family, Life, Travel
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Dublin Airport

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It is finally that time again. Holiday time! I started my holiday today by going to the hairdresser and my hair is a vibrant red again. All cut and styled and looks good. The red will hopefully last a while but it does have a tendency to wash out quickly and get stuck everywhere else; my sheets, my towels, down the drain… Whoever invents a nice red hair colourant that doesn’t wash out so fast is onto a winner. As long as it isn’t a carroty red – cos that is maybe not THAT great…

In less than two days I will head to Dublin airport and then off to Sweden I go. Bag will be packed with shorts and tops, flip-flops and oh maybe a pair of jeans (this is where I am challenging the weather gods to behave and let it stay sunny and warm for the next two weeks).

As per usual I will forget something semi-important and pack too much stuff that I won’t use. I will get dazzled in the airport shop and ignore the sorry state of my credit card and happily find more stuff I do not really need. The obligatory shopping spree in the booze section is not to be forgotten. Why does everyone I know like whiskey so much?

As I am no longer capable of being totally off-line I will spend a substantial part of my holidays checking-in on FB at various locations, just so that all can keep tabs on me. Why you might ask… well ‘cos I can. It gives me a weird and something a shrink would find fascinating freaky sense of achievement doing so (yes I know, we could derive many issues out of that statement but lets not).  This blog will suffer a bit unfortunately as I will not have much time to spend blogging but I will follow-up when I am back. As I will be staying with family the whole time I am away my internet access will suffer somewhat. Thank god for smartphones and this is where I once again will ignore financial drawbacks – in this case my forthcoming phonebill.

I will spend the beginning of my holidays at my parents. Will definitely not have much internet access there. Am pretty sure they have not even heard of WIFI. They do have a PC and internet but trying to explain why I need to go on that “facebook thing” as my Dad calls it will just be too much work. As per usual procedure when I am visiting my parents I will regress back to a 14 year old, which always happens after a day in their presence. I just have to accept the fact that I will start coming out with heavy sighs, go all “ahhh but Muuuuum”, demand my favorite foods and argue with my Dad about the remote control. I might go insane…

After those “rejuvenating” days I will stay with my brother and his family and then with my sister after that. I am looking forward to meeting all, have many laughs, lots of outdoorsy days and evenings, nice food, lots of a few drinks and just a good time.

Tomorrow I have to bring my cats to the cattery. They will stay in this really nice place on the country side with a dedicated little hut and their own enclosed outdoor space… it is like a cool luxury cat hotel. Still… I will miss the little buggers and I have a funny feeling they know what is coming considering the major sucking up that is happening this evening. As the drive to this place will be a little under an hour I will be treated to howling cats in the car. They are not too fond of driving… anywhere.

Once I am back I will hopefully have lots of pictures that I can share with you (note to self – remember to bring camera). No dreadful bikini shots will be included.

So adios for now and hope you all will have a great few weeks of summer ahead wherever you are!



  1. Susi says:

    Looking so much forward to your visit!!!! Drinks are ready, food too and the sun WILL shine!!!

  2. Have an awesome vacation! Can’t wait to see some photos! Sounds like the kitties are having a rather luxury getaway themselves (though if they’re like mine, it will be more like ‘prison’ than a ‘luxury hotel’ – but maybe your cats don’t have as may neuroses as mine do!). Fingers crossed for sunny skies and beautiful weather….Enjoy!

  3. Ah there’s nothing awesome as going home and getting pampered a bit !! And oh yes, I’ve experienced great difficulty in in explaining technology especially, social networking and internet accessibility to my parents.
    Have a wonderful time. Enjoy !!

  4. Nikki B says:

    Couple things:

    1. I need to get my hair trimmed, too.
    2. We like whiskey because it is whiskey.
    3. My mom used to get confused and just call social networking “myface”.
    4. HAVE FUN!!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      LOL! “Myface” – nice one! I stick to rum I think – leave the whiskey to everyone else. Much to chop off the hair? and finally… I will!! 😀

  5. Post a pic of your red hair! I’m forever trying to get a shade that I like!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      I will see if I have a pic to upload before it all washes out. 🙂 Last time I went for a deep, deep dark red. The hairdresser said the number for the shade was “666”… lol! As I have dark brown hair.. it did turn out pretty nice.

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