With my hair sticking out in all directions….

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Life, Rant
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I have always been a tomboy, from the very beginning. Climbing trees and hanging after my big brother. The only time my Mum got me to wear a dress was under severe threat… as in “Santa will not come” (yep, that worked once a year). Other than that she gave up. My Dad was just as happy showing me how to make a bow and arrow or a slingshot.

Let’s face it, I am much more comfortable in a DIY shop than in a fabric and home economic shop (in fact they freak me out). Did I ever mention that I cannot sew for my life? Thankfully I can cook (or at least follow a recipe) and I actually enjoy cooking most times. As I really cannot just live of sugar-snap beans and cheese (even though I try….).

Being a tomboy is grand as a kid but when you become a bit older it is sometimes seen as a bit strange. As it is, girls should act in a certain way. Dress in a certain way. We should like handbags and gush over those stilettos. This is reiterated over and over again in every magazine, in most movies and books out there. If you are not like this then you are obviously strange or gay… or both… which is absolutely stupid. First of all, I have met enough very feminine lesbians to know that, that stereotype is a load of bull. Secondly, why should you be seen as odd just because high heels are of no interest to you?

Now personally, I have been lucky as in my friends take me for whom I am. Most of my female friends love to dress up and do gush over those shoes and that is perfectly fine. I am happiest in a pair of jeans and a top with a pair of runners or boots. Yes, I do actually own a dress or two and even some heels even though these seldom get aired.

I do however every so often get comments from people seeing that I do not dress or act very “girly”. Sometimes a small insecure voice echoes inside and asks  “are you really normal?”. So the question does pop up… my answer to that today is: Yes I bloody well am, just as “normal” as the next person.

I guess that what I am trying to say is that I am sick of always seeing the same image of how one should look, act and behave shoved down my throat. If you love dresses, heels, handbags and dressing up then; great. If you like jeans, t-shirts and boots then this should also be great. If you want to be able to mix as you feel like it then again; great. We are always hearing about how important individualism is but in reality… sigh.

OK, now I have no idea why this post took this particular direction. Maybe it was something someone said or maybe something I read but there you are. So as I sit here, sipping my coffee and yawning tiredly, I see my reflection in the glass door of the cabinet. My hair is sticking out in all directions and my eyelids are heavy. My hair has a different color, yet again. It is a little bit shorter than the last time as well (my hairdresser had free hands). It is messy, as always.

Just the way I like it. Just the way I like my life – sticking out in all directions, relaxed and with coffee in my hand. So no more rants from this end today. Maybe just another cup of coffee.

  1. I was always a bit of a tomboy too. I much prefer my trainers to dressing up, yet I do get a lot of criticism off people for not being very girly. I can sew but not cook very well and I’d rather be in a DIY shop than a shoe shop. Oh well. Here’s to being an individual. x

  2. As a woman who is most often seen in yoga pants, high tops and hoodies (people fall out when I put on a dress) I totally relate to this, and love the sentiment of this post. As far as I’m concerned, just keep doing you.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      I’ll keep doing that and same to you! Let’s face it, yoga pants rock! 😀 (not that I actually can do the human pretzel thing… but lets not digress…)

  3. Nikki B says:

    Oh, gender roles. Aren’t they fun?

    To each their own. Embrace it. Life is too short to play pretend for someone else. 😀

  4. Movedup says:

    Ha ha Ivy you crack me up! I have my “girlie days” but out here in the county jeans and boots are the norm. Girlie girls stick out like a sore thumb! Sure we have em but its hilarious to see them want to help feed the hogs in those shoes. Offered mud boots but I guess that’s not fashionable enough so…. sat up on the fence and let her carry the slop bucket no switch thou I told her to get one… and then it happened – heels stuck down in the mud and the hogs wanting the slop. I don’t know which was louder – her screaming or my laughing… damn near fell off the fence. There are times for everything – whether its dressing up and going out or trompin through the fields. I guess my point would be there are shoes for all walks of life.

  5. Fantasminha says:

    I wouldn’t stop at just the “appearance” norms. I was a married home-owner and on my way to being a stay-at-home wife and maybe even mom before I realized that I really wanted none of it. It took me getting really depressed to figure out that I like shoes because they are not only pretty, but useful. Bags are the same. Today I get much more excited about a new pannier for my bike than a new purse. Don’t give in to these idiotic pressures. Be true to you. After all, at the end of the day, what else do you have?

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Too much of “should-do and should-be” and too little of ” do-want-you-wanna-do-and-be” eh? 🙂

      • Fantasminha says:

        Yep, def. I live in an environment where all the historical roles are turned upside down. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I started working with so many “kids” I tried hard to make them understand that your life is just that: YOURS. Make it so. Don’t listen to the crap that other people have had beaten into their heads for time immemoriable. Carve your own path. If you love your trainers, then may you have a spare bedroom to store them all. 😉

        BTW, “normality” is an urban legend. There’s no such thing and if there was, would you want to be it? Count me out.

  6. I think you should put on a pink dress and some heels, with your hair all sticking out in all directions, just to mess with the world! Girly-girl gone wild??

    Seriously, though, there are times when I feel like being girly (meaning: I can clean up pretty good when I make an effort!), and other times, I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, no make up, hair in a pony tail. I guess I don’t really conform to any one stereotype or the other, and I think sometimes not being able to “peg” someone really annoys (maybe confuses?) people. I guess *all* of me is going in all different directions, pretty much all of the time….so I maybe we’re soul-sisters on a certain level?? ; )

  7. P.S. I *love* yoga pants! Since I had my kids, elastic is my new bff. : )

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Hahaha! I truly believe we must be soul-sisters on a level alright! Pick & mix is a good way… I can actually scrub up pretty girly as well…. every once in a while but I guess the key is that I do so when I want to and not cos I should.

      P.S… Yoga pants are great 😀

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