Rum hazed days

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Miscellaneous
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I’m sitting here feeling a little bit guilty that I have not posted anything for a whole week. My excuse is hazed in rum fumes. I had a few really busy days in the beginning of the week in work as all had to be done in time for our team’s kick-off event on Thursday.

Oh boy did we kick-off. After the obligatory meeting the activities started…. sailing, archery, climbing, canoeing and all was done in teams so the competition was fierce. After getting soaked, arms aching from paddling in a not very synchronized manner and with the mother of all bruises on my arm from archery (that string hits hard people) the BBQ and the drinking began. This is Ireland after all and the party was on.

Oh lord I had way, way too much cider, beer, rum&coke lemonade and even cigarettes… Jeez, no idea where I got that bright idea from, I have not smoked in years. A free bar is truly an evil thing. There was dancing, there was drunken ramblings deep discussions about extremely important topics (I’m sure they were), there was good-humored slagging between different nationalities, there was laughter and when the bar closed the party continued in one of the cottages we stayed in. It was a fabulous party day with great people.

At 3am I stumbled to bed, still fully intending to drive home later on that day. Yeah right.

Breakfast at 9 was… OK. At 10 I was supposed to drive myself and two friends back home. At this stage everyone was laughing at the state I was in. It was not happening. One of the girls ended up driving with me doing my best not to get sick in the car. There was no way in hell that I could drive anywhere, so I ended up sitting on her sofa for hours trying to recover. I had to sit very, very, very still for a long time. Oh my… it was one of the worst hangovers I have had in many years. Put it this way, I was ridiculously happy when I managed to drink a glass of water at about 5pm.

So the lesson is… avoid rum, cider and cigarettes too much lemonade. Or just don’t do it often… I still feel in a haze today which is insane. Still though… it was brilliant. I work with some awesome people!

This seems strangely apt:

  1. All great fun to be sure. But you will have forgotten all about the pain by this time next year … 😉 LOL

  2. Well, *somebody* had a good weekend, I see! You need one of those every now and then, you know, and how great that you were able to spend it in the company of awesome co-workers! Having great coworkers/friends is a lucky thing, indeed.

    Here’s hoping you’re feeling a lot better today, but still enjoying the memories (well, at least the ones you can actually remember, that is!)……

  3. carried away says:

    Well didn’t you say the usual phrase: I will never drink again!? What you described sounds just like my last hangover, a few weeks ago. The fun was worth it, but still next time, I won’t be mixing tequila wine and vodka :))

  4. Nikki B says:

    Ugh. I swear hangovers get increasingly worse the older you get. I used to be able to get up after little sleep, go to school, to work… and basically function. Nowadays? Dear god. I know the three things that would make me feel better, but I can barely get out of bed.

    Sounds like it was worth it though!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Oh it was worth it! It was a fabulous night out. So what three things work for you? For me it normally is…. a glass of water (make that a pint of water) with Berocca, a proper fry-up and really strong tea with lots of sugar. Oh and sleep.. lots of it.

      This were I point out that this place was fab but they only served scones and fruits for breakkie… which is no good with a hangover.

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