A thief in action…

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Cats, Life, Photography
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  1. Movedup says:

    Ha ha my kitty does the same thing or at least tries!

  2. Ha! I love how he seems to think he’s being really sneaky behind that clear pitcher of water….too funny!

    I would never have thought cats would want pizza, but i once caught our old cat Atlas pulling a piece off of my son’s dinner plate when he’d stepped away from the table. Who knew?!

  3. Nikki B says:

    Hi-larious!!! 😀

  4. So awesome. My cats would have been more interested in the glass of water. I can’t leave any cups unattended, unless I want a mouthful of cat hair.

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      Mine normally ignore glasses of water – however Stitch has issues with tea, coffee, beer, wine and any spirits. He hates them and tries to bury the glass/cup as it somehow offends his sense of smell. This normally mean that if I am not fast enough I end up with a mess all over the place.

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