What is love?

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Life, Life changes, Love
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What is love?

It is a question that has been asked and answered throughout time. Each answer seems to trigger a new question. The search is never-ending.

Poems have been written, songs composed, films created – all to describe, answer and seek love.

Some find it, some loose it, some are still seeking. The variety of love is endless. Love for a friend, love for a partner, love for family… etc . Some varieties we can understand or at least relate to. Some we can never grasp unless we experience it ourselves.

Love is a very personal thing. It can mean different things to different people. For some it is all-encompassing, a passionate roller-coaster breaking all boundaries and moving mountains. For some it is the steady beat that never ends. For some it is tragically lost and then found again – in all its bitter sweetness. And so forth in all it’s variety.

Love can also change. Change shape, change beat. It can gently enfold us. It can knock our breath away. It can cause unbearable pain. It can make it all worthwhile. It can be shouted across the roof-tops. It can be a silent whisper.

What is love?


  1. Bob says:

    I think you hit it once again, love is in persons heart. It’s a primal feeling.

    love is not right or wrong love is love.

    And love is always right.

  2. Love is somethin’ beautiful that has to be experienced…even words can’t echo its power…

  3. Nikki B says:

    I think you said it perfectly – that love can be a rollercoaster, and it can be a steady beat. Love can be many things to many people, and many things to one person. It’s not always romantic love, it’s far bigger than that.

    It’s also a feeling we sometimes want so badly, we mistake all kinds of other things for it.

  4. powmia71 says:

    I totally agree. It is something we all need in one way or another.

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