A week in review

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Life, Work
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Collage of Oslo.

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It is about 10pm and I am sitting in a hotel room in Oslo hoping that my laptop battery will last a while longer. I have no intention to get up from the bed and find the power cord. I have spent the whole week here on business and it has been a very productive, fun and all in all great week. The only thing that is not so fun is… staying in a hotel. Being in a hotel on holidays is fun. Being in a hotel with a group of people together on a business trip is fun. Staying in a hotel on your own while on business is very, very boring.

When I arrived I had the fortune that a good friend also was in town for business so we met up for dinner and had a bottle of bubbly… and then another one… and then a few more glasses. We had a blast. I was, surprisingly enough, pretty fine the next morning. My friend however was not. I was woken up by a text simply stating: “I hate you” … followed by several other texts throughout the day describing her less than ideal state. For once it was not me feeling totally washed out.

The week itself was filled with coffee, meetings after meetings, great food, good laughs, lots of new things learned and a really good time – and that was just in work. The rest of the time I had a quite failed attempt at shopping (wow this country is expensive!), a laugh-out-loud fun dinner with some colleagues from the office here, some frustrated moments when struggling with the hotel internet set-up and an internal debate if shelling out 300 euro for a warm norwegian sweater really is something I should do… I didn’t in the end (thank god, my credit card has had enough abuse!). The week I arrived was the week the temperature dipped below zero for the first time this winter… and I had packed for Irish weather (don’t ask)… yep, it was a bit chilly alright and that sweater was very tempting!

I had hoped that I would have some moments over to take some pictures but as the sun rises at 8am and sets at 4pm at this time, it was always dark when I went to work and left. I guess I just have to come back again some other time.

As it is now, my flight leaves at the ungodly hour of 6am tomorrow which means I have to get up around 3am in order to check-out, get to the airport and get some tax-free shopping done. Why oh why did I book such an early flight…?

Hmm battery is at a critical stage… and so is my need for sleep.

  1. Look at you…blogging on the go! Sweet! Sounds like a great week (especially the part about the bubbly…mmmm).

    We went to a wedding in Stavanger, Norway a few years ago. It was in June, and, while I did not expect the weather to be like June in Florida, I also did not expect it to be like late fall in Illinois! We were *freezing* the entire time! I had to buy a cute little Norwegian sweater for Anna, who was the least able of us all to tolerate the cold (though her sweater sold for much, much less than 300 euro – yikes). I think the moral here is simply, pack WARM if you’re headed to Norway!

    Happy & safe travels tomorrow to you….

  2. Carrie says:

    I remember those days of travel. I was a flight attendant for several years and spent many, many holidays alone in a hotel room.

    Not magical. At all.

    Glad you’re at least able to meet up with friends and have some fun while on the go!

    (Just found your blog…and really enjoy it!)

  3. Travelling especially for work purposes sometimes irks me. Maybe it’s because it’s me alone in the hotel room or that the work pressure looms over, killing the fun. Though if there is at least one more colleague along, hey it’s fun time.

    But hey, it looks like you had a great time !!! It was great reading your blog, while on the go. Meanwhile, catch up on your zzz’s.

    Bon voyage for the return trip !!

  4. Ivy Blaise says:

    Alone in a hotel room is just…boring. Very boring. Cos there is nothing to do except flick through a bad selection of TV channels. It is much more fun having a glass of wine in the hotel bar with a colleague.

    The zzz’s are being sorted now, finally.. 😀

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