A bit surreal?

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Life, Martial arts
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As I was walking to my car this evening, after a training session down at the club, I noticed how quiet it was. It is cold and misty outside tonight and with the moon shining through the fog it is almost a bit surreal. Nice though. I really wish I had a camera good enough to capture the night sky.

I am glad that I went training tonight. My day today felt a bit “ugh” all day, for one or the other reason and I was really seriously contemplating staying at home and just crawl under my duvet. Just having an early night. Instead I made myself go training and it has really made a difference. I am still tired and now also a bit sore but I feel much calmer. It is hard to describe as I was not agitated before but I guess I was restless somehow and now… I feel fine. Maybe this is just due to the lack of oxygen from the chokes we practiced or maybe I banged my head during a throw. You never know.

Sometimes the training really clears my head and things just seem easier or more attainable. Sometimes it enables me to put aside thoughts that threatens to overtake and blow things out of proportions. Then sometimes it is just nice to do something totally different from my daily work.

Yes, there are times when I cannot seem to focus. When the simplest movement goes wrong. When I feel like I am losing the plot (ehhh OK, yes that happens outside of training as well at times…shhhhh!). As it is condensed down to a martial art it is easy to overlook that many of the aspects in training can be found parallel in life. Sometimes it flows well and other times it is a pain, both figuratively and literally! It is a realization that sneaks up on you. The first time I heard someone mentioning it I secretly scoffed a bit at the idea. Now however I can tentatively see how each training session affects me differently and how the lessons learned there can be applied in my daily life. I know this is not a very good explanation but I am still mulling this over so you just have to bear with me a while longer.

In either case, it is time for bed and as it is Friday the 13th tomorrow… let’s hope for a good day eh?

  1. Bob says:

    Hey you do realize you are stepping all over my territory with that Good Day EH.
    Glad you had a great workout and hopefully tomorrow’s evil will pass you by with good grace.

    Just in case though have a beer or two for me after work!!

  2. Heather says:

    Completely understand Ivy… feel the same way too – could go and easily climb under the covers but yet I know that if I train I will feel different most likely better – for one good reason – if I don’t go and train I will kick my ass for that too! That I have learned. Maybe it was that bump on the head that did it. But for whatever reason works for you use it. The more you train in practice – the less you bleed in battle works for me. Off to change and that’s right – go to class…

  3. Nikki B says:

    “Maybe this is just due to the lack of oxygen from the chokes we practiced or maybe I banged my head during a throw.” <— the fact that you just wrote that? Makes you awesome. 😀 Ha!

    But I hear you. When I am really into my yoga practice, I mean, off my mat, doing some self-study of the sutras (not kama …. but that would help…) and meditating, I see the difference spill over into the rest of my life. I guess that is why yogis say that a mat practice is not a grounded yoga without other aspects – because, like your training is doing for you, it's supposed to spill over…

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      I’m telling you, a lot of things I do and say could be tributed to bangs against the head… 😀

      I wish I could meditate. Need to look into that one of these days.

  4. Cool pic! Did you take it yourself? Because I’d say your camera did, in fact, do a pretty good job! I have felt the exact same way every single day this week, with regard to going to the gym. Seems the times I least want to go, are the times I most need to go. I need to keep reminding myself of that….On another note, chokes and head banging??! I need to hear more about these sessions! Those terms are not part of my workout vernacular….I’m intrigued!

    • Ivy Blaise says:

      No, I wish I could say I took that picture but that one is blatantly stolen from the internet. But wouldn’t it be cool to take those kind of pictures?!

      Maybe you should integrate a few throws and some chokes into your workout? Haha… OK now I have this mental picture of you choking the living daylights out of that instructor of yours. 😀

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