Moving through layers

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Life, Life changes, Martial arts
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I finally made it down to the club this evening for a training session. It felt really good. As always, when I have been to the club, I am glad I went. I went there feeling determined and up for whatever would be there. I enjoyed every minute and the two hours flew by.

When I was driving home I noticed something – every time after a training session a different emotion will accompany me home.


Sometimes I leave feeling like I could take on the world. Nothing can faze or rattle me.

Sometimes I leave with a big smile and sing along happily to every tune on the radio.

Sometimes I leave feeling determined, with clear steps outlined in my mind, ready to conquer any obstacle.

Sometimes I leave feeling frustrated and try to run through why I didn’t get a technique or flow.

Sometimes I leave feeling thoughtful, thinking through an idea or a concept. Mulling it over, maybe creating a blog post in my mind.

Sometimes I leave feeling calm and centered. At peace.

Today I left feeling vulnerable. Not sad or upset, just a little closer to being emotional but without knowing why. Maybe I am more tired than I realized and the training took away the last layers for the day.


We all have layers. Some thicker than others. Peeling them back is never easy. Maybe this is one of the things this art can teach me; if I peel away the layers and look… what is there is me without all those barriers, if only for a moment.

Seeing that –  I can take on the world, I smile, I can be determined, I work through frustration, I mull things over, I can be at peace, I can feel vulnerable…

Sometimes moving through layers can make things look much simpler. Sometimes all it takes is being there.


  1. living3703 says:

    Those endorphins can sure do funny things, can’t they?!

  2. Susi says:

    Big kiss!!!! 😀

  3. Bob says:

    Grief is a process Ivy. Glad to see that you’re moving through it and recognize that you’re human and things take time.

  4. Nikki B says:

    Yep. And Bob’s right – it’s a process. Moreover, I really believe that we hold our emotions in our physical bodies sometimes. Working your body may move some things around, opening you up a little, or bringing some things to the surface…

    Much love.

  5. Working out really takes the stress-load down more than a couple of notches… Makes me feel better, plus additional bonus of calories about double perks !!!

  6. singlegirlie says:

    The layers are even more darn complicated when you’re a woman and there are hormones involved. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m getting emotional, then a week later realize I was PMSing. Then I’m like, ohhhhh. But generally speaking, I’d say working out is always a good thing. Keep on!

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