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My name is Annuschka Wiesemann (yes, the spelling of my first name is weird and no, no-one ever gets it the first 15 times) hence one of the reasons why I choose to blog under an alter ego. I am a women in my mid-thirties who lives in Dublin, Ireland but I am not originally from the green isle. I come from the wonderful land of IKEA i.e Sweden.

This is where I write whatever I come to think of. These are my thoughts about my life, about how I feel and what I think about. There is no order or a certain subject I focus on. I rant, reflect and express myself (poorly at times but hey, that’s life) exactly the way things pop into my head. I am not very PC and I can be very good at putting my foot in things. This is who I am.

  1. Hey happy b’day…hope u r finding it okay re-settling down. I know it can be a bit messy. About wishing you here, well I couldn’t find any other post to pen it down. Take a break on your big day !!! It’s not everyday you are mid-thirties. Supposed to be one of the best times in ur lifetime. 🙂 Take care.

  2. Ivy says:

    Thank you!! 🙂

  3. […] Tomten came to my attention because it’s the favourite winter poem of Swedish born Annuschka Wiesemann who writes under the nom de guerre of Ivy Blaise. It’s a beautiful piece, and in her 21 […]

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