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To my friends,

I was sitting 30 000 feet up in the air thinking about the people in my life. I realised that I am not very good at expressing myself when it comes to saying how much you guys rock, so I decided it was well overdue.

So this is to all of you that I count as my friends. Some near and some far away. Some of you I see almost everyday, some often and some hardly ever or I haven’t actually met you face to face.

You have all been there for me in the last whirlwind of my life. You have listened, advised, metaphorically held my hand, let me write, let me vent, let me wallow, told me that things will get better, given me hugs, poured me wine, offered me a bed, made me laugh, shared bad jokes to make me giggle. Taken my mind off things. You guys know who you are.

I cannot guarantee an end of my wallowing quite yet but feel that things would have been much more difficult without you all. I feel blessed to know such a great bunch of people. You are the best and I love you all to bits.

Thank you ❤

Am in work which normally means that I am (mentally) running from one thing to the next but today… I am not. I am smiling. I am on the edge of a laugh. I enjoy the banter. I bob my head to the music in my headphones. I blog (shhhhh don’t tell).

It is Friday just like it was last week… but for some reason it feels better this Friday. It has been a pretty good week even though it is the month-end. Busy in work but, considering all, it has gone smoother than the last few months. Yes, it has been mad for a few days but you know what… I truly believe I rather laugh than cry and laughed is what I have done no matter what this week. (… slightly hysterical at times but ehhhh who cares!).

A long-awaited book was released which has given me much enjoyment this week. I have managed to combine a work trip to Norway in March with a visit to a friend in Stockholm and her 30th birthday party, a party I thought I couldn’t make it to. This evening I am off to another friends birthday bash and it is the perfect way to end the work week.

The music in my headphones are old songs from the 90’s which remind me of happy summer days and evenings with friends when we were carefree students. That is what I feel like today: carefree.

Happy and carefree on a Friday. Damn it feels good! Happy Friday people!

Café en seine - Dublin, IE

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It has been a whole week since I posted something on my blog. Can’t believe time has just flown so fast. It has been one of those weeks were much was done in the “real” world with little time to read blogs, check emails or write anything down.

I will not bore anyone with updates about work, part from that it was mad busy and a bit manic. The rest of the working week (or the few hours left over) … I can’t actually remember much of what I did…how bad is that…! Collapsed in bed is likely. However on Friday the fun started. A few friends (who flew in from different locations) and the rest of us still in Dublin all met up and had a girls only dinner with lots of wine, laughter, great food and a volume level enough to break the sound barrier. It was fab! Next day it continued with late brunch (Herbstreet restaurant; highly recommended) then dinner together with more friends and significant others (Pacinos restaurant; avoid!!) and a must visit to Cafe en Seine…it was packed, it was boiling hot, the dancing was entertaining and the drinks kept coming. Sunday arrived, it was time for breakfast/brunch/late lunch with the same gang…  at Koh restaurant (oh sooo good!). So many laughs and so much good food (and lots of water… oh and some irish coffee to balance things). Then all the sudden the weekend was over and all had to go back home where-ever that might be. Miss you all already!!

Now I just have to catch up with everything else. My mail, my blog, other blogs… my laundry! I will also try to get some cooking done this week as this is part of my new plan. Cook loads and put into containers so that I can just defrost in the evenings when I am too knackered to cook after work.

It was great eating out all weekend. Wish I could do it (and afford it) more often. Time to put something together in the kitchen I think… a pinch of this and a pinch of that will do just fine.



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Oh lord… what a night! There I thought that the Christmas party with the work crowd was mad and what happens…I go out with the fabulous people from the Bujinkan club. A great meal in Alvito’s in Leixslip (highly recommended!) and then off to The Courtyard for way too many drinks. So many laughs, jokes, silly conversations, big hugs, serious discussions, more hugs, more laughs…and Jaeger-bombs…

Who’s idea was it to start drinking those?? For those who do not know what it is…you fill a glass with Redbull and then you drop a schnapps glass filled with Jaegermeister in it and knock it all back. Oh yes!!

At 03.30 we were first gently and then not so gently told to go home… ushering drunk people out of a pub at closing is not an easy task (been there, done that). So we all stumbled home, the stumbling was obviously due to the ice and snow on the sidewalks and nothing to do with any alcohol consumption…

What a fabulous night with some of the nicest guys and girls that I have the pleasure to know and train with!

Today I am however paying the price for thinking Jaeger-bombs mix well with beer and other drinks… Well, I think I will retire to my bed again for a bit because in a few hours some of our neighbors are coming over for a civilized wine, cheese and crackers session. December party season in full swing! 😀

Long weekend bliss

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Gin and tonic with lime in a highball glass

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The last few days have been bliss! Four whole days just for me, no work and no commitments other than whatever I decided I wanted to do. A bit of pampering, hitting the gym and the dojo, shopping, reading and meeting friends. The weekend ended on a high. Meeting up with a few of the girls and having a fabulous meal in one of our favorite restaurant with a good few drinks thrown in and talks about everything… holidays, food, guys, sex and oh and some more sex. This is what I love about meeting up. There are no mad inhibitions or primness. The conversation can go whatever direction it wants and we laugh… a lot. I was raring to go out on a bender yesterday but realised that I would probably be dead to the world today if I did so… and unfortunately it was back to work today again.

Well, the Xmas party on Friday is coming up. Let’s hope it is a good one. It is the first one with the company I am in now so it will be interesting. Needless to say I still haven’t found anything to wear and at this stage I am almost past caring (almost). I’ll see what I can dig out of the wardrobe.

Having had a long weekend I actually feel almost normal, like myself again. My brain is functioning in a somewhat alert sense once again and I seem to handle stress better. Just imagine what I could do after a 3 months holiday?! Hmmm… now there is a thought.

Humans often act like pack animals. We thrive in company. Follow or lead others depending on our character. We seek affirmation in groups and feel safer in numbers. A mob can be vicious and commit terrible atrocities. A group can pull together and create wonders. The field of sociology has long studied the dynamics of groups and how we interact both within a group and en masse.

But as we first and foremost are humans and not mindless beasts (though this can be debated sometimes) we also have a choice if and when we want to be part of a group. We choose to be part of others, sometimes deciding to be alone and embrace solitude. Yes, there are situations when we are born or integrated into a group as children but as we grow up we, ourselves, decide what people to be with. It can be hard and a struggle to disengage from a group you belong to, just as it can be equally hard trying to fit into a new group.

As kids and teenagers we naturally meet new people and form groups through school and clubs. We try out new ways and discard others. Our minds are open to new ideas and new people. Then as we pass university and enter the world of everyday life and (hopefully) employment, a shift seems to happen. Our groups seem more rigid, set in their ways and harder to change. New people are not welcomed as easily and the boundaries of the group are guarded almost jealously. It is harder to make new close friends as an adult.

Moving country, city or even just moving from one company to another can be taxing. Yes, you will meet people and make acquaintances and even casual buddy’s but close friends? Have we become too guarded to let others in even as we try to reach out ourselves? What is the great fear? Have we become too comfortable in our existing sphere to let others in that could shake up our world?

Now what has brought this on, you might wonder. Well, I was reflecting today, as I went for a walk in the beautiful winter weather, that I have spent many times in my life trying to find new friends and new groups to belong to. When I was younger we moved a few times and then as an adult I have moved a good few times as well for various reasons. Each time it has been harder to find those friends and at times almost disheartening. I have a few good close friends that are very dear to me but for different reasons we all live quite apart and sometimes it just gets to me.

And now I will stop thinking too much…as I believe I might also suffer from cabin fever at this stage. Sigh.

Today I have a day off, actually I have Monday off as well. Yay!!!!! I cannot express how great that feels. I decided to do this during the week as I really felt I needed to have a few days more than just the weekend to do whatever I want. Sleep, sleep… meet up with friends, have a snowball fight, go training, read a lot and whatever else I can think off.

So here I am sitting at 11am having breakfast. Soon I will make my way into town to meet up with a friend. Looks like I will have to take the car… as the trains are all delayed due to the weather and I haven’t seen a bus in…oh… about 3 days. Hmmm might try the train anyway as I would like to be able to have a drink as well. Decisions, decisions.

< Update… several hours later> No bus service, freeze/thaw conditions making town an ice-rink and the bloody train was delayed for hours… so couldn’t meet up with my friend. Ended up getting my hair coloured and cut and got my nails done for free instead! Love going to the hairdressers and the one around the corner from me is the best!

At least the winter holiday conundrum was more or less solved yesterday. We decided to go on a snowboarding holiday together in February (haven’t decided where to yet) and then A will go on a trip with some of the lads in springtime and I will hopefully go away to NY also in the springtime. Now I will just have to save a lot of money. Funny how almost all my savings seem to go to travels.

Right, have to save my cup of tea now as my cat really doesn’t like the smell of tea or coffee… or wine, beer or any alcoholic beverage for that matter. He tries to bury my cup with his paws. Unless there is milk of course, as he then turns into the biggest dairy product thief ever. Threats that I will turn him into a warm scarf doesn’t faze him at all. Hrrmmppfhh.