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It has been a very busy week, once again. The week has just flown and I am now using the weekend to catch up on some quality time with my two furballs and just having some naps. I will hopefully have some moments to sit and write some decent post but for now I will just grab a book (“Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt), get under my duvet, put on some music and just enjoy.

Not a new one but this one has made it onto my favorite playlist at the moment:


I should be in bed right now. I left the office really late and am pretty exhausted. This week has been… mentally draining for many reasons but the weekend will hopefully be better.

A long-time friend told me the other day that I am and always have been way too private when things are crap which made me smile a bit considering the amount of gall I spew in this blog at times. But I do not wish to spew today. So in preparation for the weekend, here is an old favorite:

Ground control… Good night!

The Dancer

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It has been very hectic lately. Work, some more work and more stress – then trying to be somewhat social and meet up with friends at the weekend even though I am sure I have not exactly been the life of the party… yawning my way through most weekends. I was going to write a post about work-life balance but the irony is that I am way too tired. So I will tackle that another day.

Instead I will leave you with this fabulous song by Ane Brun. I was introduced to her music by a friend and I am now totally addicted. It is perfect for winding down…


Friday’s tune

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As I drive home with the sun shining and the windows down… well, this just has to be played. Happy Friday everyone!

Such a brilliant tune! “Jigsaw” by Ryan Sheridan – filmed in Dublin. I loooooove this song!

Sometimes music can make us laugh. Sometimes it can make us cry.

Sometimes it can make things a bit better. Sometimes it helps.

“Sigh no more”… for everyone out there. XO

Photo of the upper lake and valley in Glendalo...

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I am having my (very late) breakfast and am trying to plan my day.  If the sun was shining I would be on the balcony… plans or no plans. Instead I have enough little things to keep me busy. My cats are thrilled I am home so that they can show me all the new spots they have found in the apartment. The chasing game has ended and we are now in pro-longed cat nap time.

I have spent 3 days putting together IKEA furniture with a friend. It has been fun but also frustrating, especially when it didn’t want to work out the way we had planned. Lots of coffee, swearing and insane laughter later… it is done. Even managed to get out-of-town for a few hours. Drove to the Wicklow Mountains with no particular destination in mind… probably explains the VERY bumpy roads we ended up on. It was really nice getting out and a good laugh. Next time though… I will bring proper footwear. I love my sandals but they are not great for longer walks.

Right now though, I will close my eyes and listen to one of my absolute favorite songs by Adele.

I love this song. It is in Swedish, called “Tro” (Faith, Belief) and is sung by Marie Fredriksson. One of my favorite songs for years.



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How to survive this Monday…

Blasting this at full volume. Only way to drone out office noise and to focus. What would I do without music…

It is once again Sunday evening and soon time for bed. Tomorrow I will go to work for the first time in a week but right now that world is tucked away in a far away corner of my mind.

I am sitting in the sofa looking at my two cats who are cuddled up next to each other sleeping. I have a feel-good book in my hand and mellow music playing in the background. And I smile.

This is what Sunday evenings should be like; relaxing, quiet and making you smile. It doesn’t get much better than this on the chill-out scale.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday evening. Here is one of my favorite chill-out songs.