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Am sitting here waiting for some audio books to finish downloading. Those who know me probably wonder why I would download an audio book especially considering that I absolutely love reading books. I am trying to prepare myself for next week. That is when I will go under the knife… eh well, under the laser is more correct. It is not as dramatic as it sounds. It is corrective laser eye surgery which I have finally, after almost 10 years of consideration, decided to have done. My eye sight is pretty awful and I was for a long time happy to wear contacts, as I really always have disliked wearing glasses. However, after over 15 years of wearing contacts I am getting sick of it and longing for being able to wake up and actually clearly see what time it is on the alarm clock.

Considering that I will have a four-day healing period when my eye sight is supposed to be fluctuating and be all over the place, I’d thought that maybe the best way to relieve boredom might be to listen to some books for a change. Focusing on the amount of sleep I can have and the novelty of audio books also keeps my mind off the actual procedure. Let’s face it, I am a bit nervous about this.

After following the advancements of the laser technology for a good few years and most importantly after several of my friends had it done recently and were very satisfied with the result, I decided to give it a go. I am still nervous about it. There is always a risk of something going wrong and as it is my eyes I am putting on the line…well, lets keep those fingers crossed.

I think I will just try to focus on sleep, books and music a bit now.